The Myth of Search Engine Submission

Written by Mario Sanchez

Contrary to what most people think, it is not necessary to submit your site torepparttar search engines. Inrepparttar 127841 early days ofrepparttar 127842 web, when search engine technology was still primitive and search engines' ability to crawlrepparttar 127843 web was somehow limited, it made sense to submit your site.

Today, search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo! Search have no problem crawling billions of pages and adding them to their index every month (and sometimes even more often). Most likely, they will find your site once they find a link to your page in another website.

That website can be a directory (a site that uses human editors to select, categorize and list websites), a site you exchange links with, or an article-posting site where you submit articles you write, complete with your resource box (a small bio about yourself with a link to your site).

The two best general directories are Yahoo! ($299/year fee) and DMOZ (free, but they may take a while to list your site). Listing your site with them will give you two ofrepparttar 127844 best links you can get.

Increase Website Traffic by Giving Them What They Want

Written by Gallianno Cosme

Yes, it is true… to increase website traffic you need links pointing to your site. But not any old links. Sure, many internet marketers still believe that link building, both one way and reciprocal, arerepparttar way to go. I find this to be an outdated method that wastes time that could be otherwise spent implementing other far better ideas.

If link building wererepparttar 127840 most popular way of building quality traffic to a site, why is it that some (if not most) websites find it incredibly difficult to attract these links? I believerepparttar 127841 answer lies inrepparttar 127842 value (or lack thereof) that these sites offerrepparttar 127843 Internet community.

I often read people comparing a website to a shopping mall – and indeed they are right. Shopping malls have masteredrepparttar 127844 skill of creating new and exciting ways of attracting new shoppers - and retaining those customers already frequentingrepparttar 127845 mall.

Ask yourself why most successful shops routinely rearrange their product displays. Why do they design or manufacture new products? Summer time sees swimsuits making their way closer torepparttar 127846 entrance. Fruit salads and lettuce leaves are everywhere to be seen inrepparttar 127847 grocery section.

People are naturally curious creatures and as such get bored very easily. It’s all about satisfyingrepparttar 127848 shopper (user). Giverepparttar 127849 customer what they want, when they want it and they’ll return. Better yet, they’ll recommend your store to their friends, colleagues and loved ones.

But what does fruit and sexy bikinis have to do with your website? You have to find out what your user wants and give it to them.

Would you link to your site?

So, what does generate return traffic to a site? Well, take a closer look at your site and determine whether you’d link to it yourself? Is there anything on your site that you can honestly say is of value?

I’m not talking about product prices or a profile on how you founded your company. I’m talking about something that is useful and convenient to your target market. A utility or tool of sorts. Perhaps a regularly updated dialogue with your visitors. An invaluable resource that teaches people something they don’t already know.

Ideas worth researching

An excellent way to increase website traffic is to ask a “how to” question and write about your solution. If you’ve got a motor-related site, writing an article on “how to sell a car” could be an excellent idea. Inrepparttar 127850 landscaping business? “How to plant a tree?” would make for a good article too. What could you write if you have a conference facility? How about “what to remember when arranging a wedding or business function?”?

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