The Mystery of Decaffeinated Coffee

Written by Gary Gresham

Caffeine has become America's most popular drug by far. 90% of Americans consume caffeine in one form or another every single day. Most of it comes from drinking coffee.

But if you're a coffee lover who prefers to avoid caffeine, you can still enjoy a cup of coffee that delivers rich flavor with decaffeinated coffee.

It's howrepparttar caffeine is extracted from coffee beans that is a mystery for most of us.

These are some ofrepparttar 113158 methods currently used for decaffeinating.

Direct Contact Method

Inrepparttar 113159 direct contact methodrepparttar 113160 beans come directly in contact with decaffeinating agents, such as methylene chloride, after being softened by water or steam. Caffeine is removed by directly soakingrepparttar 113161 materials inrepparttar 113162 methylene chloride.

Indirect Contact Method

Withrepparttar 113163 indirect contact method a water and coffee solution is used to draw offrepparttar 113164 caffeine. The solution containingrepparttar 113165 caffeine is then treated with a decaffeinating agent, such as ethyl acetate, and mixed back intorepparttar 113166 beans for reabsorption ofrepparttar 113167 flavorings.

Sometimes this method is referred to as naturally decaffeinated because ethyl acetate is a chemical found naturally in many fruits.

Water Processing

This process is similar torepparttar 113168 indirect method, except no chemicals are used. The coffee beans are soaked in hot water thenrepparttar 113169 solution is passed through a carbon filter to removerepparttar 113170 caffeine.

Swiss Water Process

Inrepparttar 113171 Swiss Water Process method,repparttar 113172 caffeine is still extracted with carbon filters butrepparttar 113173 beans soak in hot water that is saturated with coffee flavor. The result is caffeine removal without removingrepparttar 113174 coffee flavors.

It's referred to as Swiss Water Process because a Swiss company originally developed and patentedrepparttar 113175 procedure.

Carbon Dioxide Processing

With this methodrepparttar 113176 beans are soaked with water-softened materials in highly compressed carbon dioxide. The small caffeine molecules are extracted fromrepparttar 113177 beans allowingrepparttar 113178 larger flavor molecules to remain untouched. This method retainsrepparttar 113179 best overall flavor of all ofrepparttar 113180 methods used.

Share A Gourmet Food Basket With Your Lover

Written by Marguerite Bonneville

A gourmet food basket is an excellent gift forrepparttar man or woman who 'has everything'. Most gourmet foods available inrepparttar 113157 delicatessens and supermarket 'delis' of western countries are derived from European and Middle Eastern cuisines. Each culture has its own range of gourmet or highly prized foodstuffs, and as a result of large-scale migration, it's now possible for most people to haverepparttar 113158 opportunity of trying delicacies from aroundrepparttar 113159 globe. But in this article, we'll focus primarily on European foods.

Gourmet gift baskets usually contain savory (or salty) foods, although you can also buy gift baskets containing your favorite sweets. Often these are primarily what we call 'junk food'. Savory gourmet foods are a fabulous way to totally indulgerepparttar 113160 senses, primarilyrepparttar 113161 senses of taste, texture and smell. They include foods like

Cheese There are all kinds of wonderful cheeses available on your supermarket shelves. Some ofrepparttar 113162 most popular are - Emmentaler (from Switzerland) - Jarlsberg (from Norway) - Gouda (from The Netherlands) - Edam (from The Netherlands) - Parmesan (from Italy) - Romano (from Italy)

Olives Most ofrepparttar 113163 Mediterranean countries grow olives and pickle them in a variety of marinades. Greek olives differ from Italian olives because ofrepparttar 113164 ingredients used in their dressings.

Pickled & Marinated Vegetables Each country has its own specific recipes and methods of pickling vegetables, most of which are delectable. Sun dried tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, marinated eggplant, artichoke hearts and marinated mushrooms are just a few ofrepparttar 113165 items available in this category.

Most gourmet foodstuffs have a high salt component. They are astringent or tangy, as most marinades include vinegars and oils. They stimulaterepparttar 113166 savory areas of our taste buds.

Dried Breads Again, every country has its wheat-based gourmet products, from crisp breads to papadams. They provide an excellent base on which to add a combination of ingredients, much like a standard savory biscuit or cracker.

Smoked Seafood You can include a variety of seafood products in a gourmet treat. Pickled herrings, smoked oysters, smoked mussels or clams all blend well with other savory gourmet products.

Pates And Meats Pates are used as spreads on dried biscuits while meats such as salami, ham and prosciutto blend well with cheese, olives and pickled vegetables.

Wine Because wine is usually a savory taste and blends well with gourmet foods items, it is often included in gourmet gift baskets. Again, there are thousands of types of wines from different countries andrepparttar 113167 individual regions within them. Wines differ as a result ofrepparttar 113168 type of grape used,repparttar 113169 soil in whichrepparttar 113170 grapes grow,repparttar 113171 climate ofrepparttar 113172 region,repparttar 113173 harvesting and preserving procedures, plusrepparttar 113174 overall winemaking process. The result isrepparttar 113175 incredible range of wines available to most of us living in western countries.

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