The Musings of Great Grandma

Written by Peter M.K. Chan

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The Musings of Great Grandma As it was in that familiar old song, says our great grandma, there are three coins inrepparttar fountain. The question is: which one will berepparttar 126925 fountain bless? The three coins I am referring to are theism, atheism, and agnosticism. Theism is an affirmative theory. Atheism is a disaffirming theory. Agnosticism, it seems to me, is a kind of ‘I don’t know’ or ‘don’t ask me’ non-theory of sorts. Which one would you choose? Our great grandma is asking her great grandchild.

Consider, says great grandma, theism offers a much bigger and more interesting package than allrepparttar 126926 rest. It has many goodies in it, consisting not only of God, but also winged angels, devils with tooth and claw, if not also lesser spiritual beings such as fairies and ghosts (this last is actually not too nice a label for departed soul, I must say). Now, for his child-like impression that more is always better than less, our great grandchild is of course naturally more impressed byrepparttar 126927 big theistic package. But he is also a bit worried about what those other not-so-nice characters might do. Don’t worry about that, says great grandma. Just be a good boy, and everything will be fine.

In contrast, continues our great grandma, atheism does not really have anything to offer. It just says that there is no God. And this niche has also been quite comfortable. Since there is neither proof nor evidence forrepparttar 126928 non-existence of anything, this disaffirming ploy is good enough to ward off those who might ask him to justify his position. Thus,repparttar 126929 only way forrepparttar 126930 theist to out-smartrepparttar 126931 atheist is to try and inviterepparttar 126932 gods or God to confront him. But so far,repparttar 126933 theist has not really been able to do anything ofrepparttar 126934 sort. All he has done is to point to some inconclusive evidence and subjective indications that he deemed to be pointing towardrepparttar 126935 possibility of such supernatural existents. But possibility as such, as we all know, is a far cry torepparttar 126936 real thing. The atheist is thus not only unimpressed, but tellsrepparttar 126937 theist straight inrepparttar 126938 face to peddle his possible goods elsewhere.

By this time,repparttar 126939 great grandchild is beginning to loose interest. This kind of dialectical analysis is just too deep for his naïve little brain. But our great grandma is also by this time already too absorbed withrepparttar 126940 intricacy of dialectics to notice that her great grand child is already loosing her. So she just rambles on in her great and grandmotherly sort of way.

Awe, Perfect!

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Every so often, I enjoy browsing through Christian Book Stores just to read their wall hangings. It draws me to worship. Yet, no matter how beautiful, eitherrepparttar color or wood tone doesn't coordinate with my home furnishings. Thus, coming home empty handed isrepparttar 126924 norm.

Throughrepparttar 126925 course of conversation, a friend gave merepparttar 126926 idea to frame my poetry. What a Godsend! There is a way to decorate my house as a testimony for God after all!

Forrepparttar 126927 next few months, every piece of paper caught my attention - from cards with framed messages (making beautiful borders) to designed stationery (for backgrounds) to picture posters (creating otherwise more expensive large wall hangings). Each and every creation is one of a kind. There's even a grouping of family photos, with one frame out in front that says, "Our God Reigns". My house is growing to be a visible expression of my heart. Isn't God wonderful!?!

However, there was just one snag (an object lesson, if you will).

In purchasing a picture of a temple garden with doves; no verse, poem, or saying had been included. It needed something more to mark its' religious significance. Not having before realized; doves are no longer easy to find inrepparttar 126928 stores. My husband helped search until we found enough pieces to complete a wall, shelf, and table grouping.

A poem was to set inrepparttar 126929 midst, to tie this grouping together. More than a half dozen changes inrepparttar 126930 framed poem occurred before I was satisfied with its' wording. Then,repparttar 126931 materials used inrepparttar 126932 frame changed more times than I can count. It was a chore ever coming torepparttar 126933 place that poem, fonts, paper, ink, color, background, and frame all worked together like it should. Eventually,repparttar 126934 right combination came together that left that feeling of 'awe, perfect'. Concluding that this framed creation was never going to get any better than that, I vowed to never touch it again. Finally!!! I was glad that was over!

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