The Music Revolution Has Begun--A Guide to Internet Music Downloads

Written by Larry Denton

For tens of millions of people listening to digital music, there is no going back. As music transforms to ones and zeroes from physical products,repparttar way it is produced, sold, given away, and heard is changing forever. Andrepparttar 135883 consequences for musicians, fans andrepparttar 135884 recording industry itself are profound.

Millions of songs are now available--for free or for sale, legally and illegally overrepparttar 135885 Internet. The emergence of this audio landscape has delighted music fans, but has underminedrepparttar 135886 business model ofrepparttar 135887 music industry. Major record labels are squeezing less profit out of fewer artists and attempting to ward off losses by a frenzy of mergers.

According torepparttar 135888 International Federation ofrepparttar 135889 Phonographic Industry, as ofrepparttar 135890 end of 2004, four corporations--EMI Records, Vivendi Universal, Warner, and Sony BMG--controlled 80 percent ofrepparttar 135891 shrinking $32 billion global music market.

Even asrepparttar 135892 music industry has consolidated, CD sales have steadily declined since consumers have become increasingly reluctant to pay $17.99 for a CD, often to get only one or two good songs. "There is a major disconnect betweenrepparttar 135893 music industry andrepparttar 135894 reality ofrepparttar 135895 way most Americans relate to music," said Michael Bracy, a lobbyist forrepparttar 135896 Future of Music Coalition. "There is an effort to commodify music which is fundamentally impossible to do."

Although strongly opposed byrepparttar 135897 Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), music downloading has become a way of life for most music lovers, worldwide. As Janis Ian, a musician entering her fourth decade of recording, recently said in a radio interview, "The Internet and downloading are here to stay . . . Anyone who thinks otherwise should prepare themselves to end up onrepparttar 135898 slagheap of history."

Why, in fact, do people download music fromrepparttar 135899 Internet? Primarily to hear NEW music, or to listen to records that have been deleted byrepparttar 135900 major record companies and are no longer available for purchase. The goal of listeners is not simply to avoidrepparttar 135901 $5 bargain CD bin atrepparttar 135902 local record shop, but to hear music they can't find anywhere else.

Eileina Williams- A Star On The Rise

Written by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


Contact: Eileina Williams PO Box 6724 Altadena, CA 91003 Tel: 626-755-1337 E-Mail: Fax: 626-791-2210 Website:

One of The Best Female Jazz Vocalists You Have Never Heard-This Is About To Change, Starting Today...

Pasadena, CA--April 26, 2005—Eileina Williams is a working girl that is fulfilling her dreams transforming into a complete jazz performer. This has not happened over night mind you. She was born into a musical family, singing in church atrepparttar tender age of three and continuing to learn her craft through her teens singing Gospel. Asrepparttar 135882 years passed, Eileina continued to sing and develop her own style.

In 2005, she is full-fledged budding star withrepparttar 135883 release of her tribute to jazz vocal classics titled Introducing…Eileina Williams. With an outstanding supporting cast, she recorded her debut in a mere two days. When things happen that quickly and smoothly you know it is your destiny, it is inrepparttar 135884 stars.

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