The Multi Level Affiliate Program (MLAP) FAQ

Written by Terence Tan

What is a Multi Level Affiliate Program(MLAP)?

A MLAP is an affiliate program that is free to join, and pays affiliates a commission when they make a sale, as well as when subaffiliates under them make sales.

How is a MLAP better than basic affiliate programs for webmasters, ezine publishers, and forum owners?

When affiliates promote products using their affiliate links on their sites,only a small percentage of visitors/members/subscribers will end up buyingrepparttar products.The other "impressions" are wasted. Because MLAPs are free to join, a proportion of these "wasted" visitors will sign up as subaffiliates to sell products to their freinds and contacts. As a result, when they subsequently make sales (or recruit further subaffiliates),repparttar 122533 original affiliate member gets paid a leveraged, passive income through no further effort on his part. Depending onrepparttar 122534 number of levelsrepparttar 122535 MLAP incorporates,repparttar 122536 potential for profit could be HUGE, at no risk!

How is a MLAP better for merchants than traditional affiliate programs?

While basic affiliate programs are a wonderful no risk, cost per action way for merchants to make sales, their popularity has resulted in a huge abundance of different programs, each competing forrepparttar 122537 same, limited number of affiliates to promote their products.In fact, recruiting affiliates has become almost as hard as making sales for many merchants. MLAPs offer merchants a way to make their programs and products stand out fromrepparttar 122538 crowd, to recruit new affiliates much more quickly and effectively, thereby boosting their "sales force" and eventual sales and profits.

How is a MLAP better than MLM for affiliates?

While MLAPs haverepparttar 122539 huge income potential of MLM programs due torepparttar 122540 use ofrepparttar 122541 leveraged downline concept, because they are free to join, they present a zero risk alternative to people wary of losing money in poorly executed MLM programs.

Discover the 8 steps to a mountain moving faith.

Written by Fernando Soave

Discoverrepparttar 8 steps to a mountain moving faith. *********************************************************** by Fernando Soave © 2003

“ If you have faith as a grain of musterd seed you can say to this mountain : move ! And it will move ! And nothing will be impossible to you. “

You can transform your life and your future if you will discover and dispatchrepparttar 122532 power of mountain moving faith to your life or business situation.

You can accomplish what seems at first impossible if you will takerepparttar 122533 eight steps of mountain moving faith.

There are many people who claim to live by faith but remain low achievers. We all know individuals who claim to exercise real faith yet they accomplish little or nothing. What’s wrong ?

Frequently failure isrepparttar 122534 result of a too shallow faith.

Mountain moving faith is not merely touching your toes inrepparttar 122535 water. Mountain moving faith is faith that dares to step into deep water.

Look now atrepparttar 122536 eight steps on how to get you to a mountain moving faith.

a. Step 1 : Dreaming.

Mountain moving faith begins with a dream. “Success isrepparttar 122537 realization of a world wide dream !” Unquestionablyrepparttar 122538 greatest power inrepparttar 122539 world isrepparttar 122540 power of a creative idea. All success begins with a dream. You can measurerepparttar 122541 size of a man or woman byrepparttar 122542 size of his or here dreams.

Faith begins with an act of imagining. “If you don’t have a dream, how can dreams come true ?”

Begin now by using your God power within yourself to paint a picture of what you would like to accomplish. Reject all impossibility thoughts and all disadvantage complexes. Imagine yourself as a friend ofrepparttar 122543 Mighty, a partner ofrepparttar 122544 Wealthy and a co-worker withrepparttar 122545 Almighty.

Faith begins with a dream but it must move to deeper levels before success will be realized.

b. Step 2 : Desiring.

Faith in deeper water is wanting something so badly that someday, somehow, somewhere, sometime, you know you shall have it. More faith is shattered by lack of desire than by real doubt.

No man or woman will ever believe that he or she can move a mountain unless he really wants that mountain to move. Almost anything can be accomplished byrepparttar 122546 person who really wants to succeed. The old adage is true : If there is a will, there is a way. “We believe what we want to believe ! Believing is wanting !”

Apply this definition of faith to your dreams. To begin with, you must know what you want. Visualize in details what you want to achieve. With a confused and muddled picture of what you are going after, do not be surprised if you fail.

Therefore, an early step in mountain moving faith is forming A DETAILED MENTAL PICTURE OF YOUR DREAM.

If you want your dream badly enough, you will plan, organize, reorganize and work until you get what you want. Great desire marshals great determination. Faith is wanting something with all your heart.

After you know what you want, you must censor these desires. The moral questions must be asked at this point : “Is this right ? Would God want this ? Can I ask God to be my partner in this dream venture ?” Faith builds strong muscles when it get a “Yes” to all these important questions.

c. Step 3 : Daring.

Doubt is frequently a lack of courage. Fear of embarassment along with fear of involvement or fear of personal self-sacrifice is enough to keep you from wanting to make a commitment of faith to an idea, a dream, a project or a cause. With God on your side you will dare to run risks.

Mountain moving faith is not merely dreaming and desiring. It is daring to risk a failure. For faith is making a DECISION with no guarantee of succes. If success is certain then a venture is no longer an act of faith. Faith without risk is a contradiction. Faith is taking a chance on something before you can be sure how everything will finaly work out.

Remember this : “Every time you make a choice you take a chance.” “The saddest words of tongue or pen are these : it might hav been.”

Faith is daring to risk disappointment. If you never try, you will never lose. Faith is daring to be a chance taker. Here is how success will work for you. Chance taking generates exitement. Exitement generates enthousiasm. Enthousiasm generates energy. You have a success cycle going.

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