The Most Profitable Product In The World You Can Ever Sell!

Written by Craig Garber

Thank goodness,repparttar most profitable product inrepparttar 143992 world you can ever sell... also happens to berepparttar 143993 easiest product to create.

Can you guess what I'm talking about?

Give up?

Well, that product is...


Let me give you some examples of what I mean: Most information is sold either through written words (books, e-books, magazines and newspapers)... pictures (DVD's and VHS tapes)... or through computer programs (like software).

And can you guess how much it costs to burn a DVD once your product is made? Or what it costs to assemble a book?

The exciting truth is, in most situations it costs literally less than $2 dollars. And... if you're selling stuff online, it gets even better, because...

Your disribution costs are even less!

Because if you're selling information that can be downloaded online by your buyer, outside of a few pennies onrepparttar 143994 dollar for your merchant account and maybe $25 to $35 dollars a month to keep your website going, your costs are virtually "ZERO"!

That's why selling "information" isrepparttar 143995 most profitable product inrepparttar 143996 world, you can ever sell.

Plus,repparttar 143997 amount of money you can make selling information isn't limited to your store hours... your billable hours... or your inventory.

Just look at Microsoft. Last year they did over $32 Million Dollars in gross annual sales. Not a big deal, other companies are bigger. But... there are few (if any) companies this size, that also have over $49 Million Dollars of cash on-hand, and only a hair more than $1 Million Dollars in long-term liabilities.

I don't know how familiar you are with asset-to-liability ratios, but this is virtually unheardof.

Reason why?

It's because of how much cash their products generate and how little it costs them to make it. Just think about it: It costs you $199.99 to buyrepparttar 143998 new Windows XP Home system at Office Max. How much do you think it cost Microsoft to burn a few CD's and toss in a manual or 2?

Maybe $10 bucks?

Not bad, hey?


How can you use this to make money in your business?

Well, let's say you sell software. Most software isn't very easy to use, right out-of-the-box. And most ofrepparttar 143999 manuals that come with software programs are horrible.

So how about if you produce an e-book or a DVD showing your customers how to userepparttar 144000 software? Even if you only soldrepparttar 144001 book for $19.95 each, at almost 100% profit, it sure doesn't take long for this project to start lining your pockets with some serious extra cash, right?

And it's not like you need to do research to writerepparttar 144002 book or producerepparttar 144003 DVD either. That'srepparttar 144004 beauty of this.

What if you're a massage therapist?

A book about "Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Back Nimble And Pain-Free" surely would be something your customers would want.

Maybe you could couple it with "5 Ways To Make Sure Your Golfing Game Doesn't Cost You More Than A Day Out: How To Eliminate Back Pain While Golfing"

Here’s A Little-Known Secret To Writing Copy, For Serious Copywriters Only

Written by Craig Garber

Have you ever wondered how your copy sounds to your prospects when they're reading it?

If you have, here's a little-known trick to making your copy sound as clear as a bell, and feel as comforting as a warm fireplace inrepparttar winter.

The very best way to figure out how your copy sounds to your prospects, is NOT to read it, but to read it out loud. And actually, if you can have someone read it to you, preferably a child, that's even better.

When I first started writing copy, my 2 sons were in elementary and middle school. They were excited about my new career and were more than happy to read back my copy out loud to me.

Fortunately, my career progressed pretty rapidly, and it wasn't long before I was writing 13-page long-form sales letters.

Well, needless to say (and understandably so), my kids weren't as excited about reading their dad's 17-page "FREE Reports" and long-form sales letters, as they were about reading half-page newspaper display ads.

But luckily, I found a little tool that comes in handy, exactly for situations like this.

And,repparttar 143991 price is right -- it won't even cost you a penny!

There's a software company out there called Read Please (, located in Ontario, Canada, that's come up withrepparttar 143992 perfect tool for writers.

Not surprisingly,repparttar 143993 program is also called "Read Please" and here's what it does: You copyrepparttar 143994 text from your document and paste it intorepparttar 143995 Read Please program.

Then, in any one of a number of different voices,repparttar 143996 program reads back your text out loud over your computer's speakers, word-for-word.

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