The Most Beautiful Flowers

Written by Gary Gresham

The most beautiful flowers, in conjunction with their design and color schemes, create feelings that enhance our mood. They are a simple and sincere way to lift our spirits. The most beautiful flowers can bring a smile to someone face who has been sick or having a rough day. The presence of flowers has a profound impact on ones state of mind and emotions. Flowers trigger feelings of happiness and help us cope with anger and pain. They help us stay calm and relaxed. They can also help relieve stress. Imagine a beautiful flower, see it in your mind, smellrepparttar aroma it gives off. Imagery has been used for relaxation and to help reduce stress for centuries. It is a simple concept that you can do anytime ofrepparttar 145000 day, anywhere you are. Just take a few minutes and try it, you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

5 Tips To Increase Your Personal Power

Written by Chris Green

Have you ever started a new project full torepparttar brim with enthusiasm only to have your enthusiasm and motivation wane asrepparttar 144963 months go by? When we’re pursuing something of worth in our lives, enthusiasm and motivation are two very important factors. They act as driving forces for us and keep us on course to achieve our goals. So how can we maintain high levels of both? Try these ideas:

1. The most important one: Have at least one person in your life who is like-minded. This means someone who wants to berepparttar 144964 best they can be, who has dreams and goals and takes action to make them a reality. I know such people can be hard to find! They don’t have to be followingrepparttar 144965 same course in life as you. My best friend is studying to become a pilot and I enjoy computers and writing, yet because we love what we do, we help each other stay focused and motivated. But where can you find similar people? Try clubs and associations connected with your interests,repparttar 144966 workplace, and of course,repparttar 144967 Internet. Pick any subject and I guarantee you will find groups and forums for it online. Be proactive – seek out positive people. What they bring into your life – and you theirs – is priceless.

2. Watch inspirational movies. This is going to be down to personal taste, obviously, but here’s a selection of films that inspire me: The Star Wars films, Rocky I & II (the rest are no where near as good!), Shawshank Redemption, Twelve Angry Men, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, The Count Of Monte Cristo – There’s many more but these are my favourites and never fail to give me a boost. You could also add to this videos and DVDs of your favorite sporting moments – in fact anything that inspires you. Build your collection and watch them when you feel enthusiasm levels dropping.

3. Related torepparttar 144968 first tip: read biographies about people you admire. Again, personal taste will dictate who you read about but here’s some people I admire greatly: Martin Luther King, Lance Armstrong, Helen Keller, Sir Winston Churchill, Lord Horatio Nelson, Franklin D and Eleanor Roosevelt, Muhammad Ali to name but a few. The beauty about this is that you read about people who achieved so much with their lives. You are learning about people who “walkrepparttar 144969 talk” rather than listening to people who haven’t done anything and may well be negative about life. If you want to achieve your dreams it is absolutely vital to stay positive. Reading about people you admire will do for your positive attitude what pizzas do for your waistline, i.e expand it!

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