The More I Learn, The Less I Know

Written by Dennis Eppestine

I used to think I was a pretty smart fellow. Not a genius or anything, but still, pretty smart. I figured I could make some money onrepparttar Internet in no time. After all, nearly everybody has a computer, and everybody buys stuff online, so I thought I would get in on this and make some money.

Ha! We've all been suckered by that one, haven't we? It's just not true, and no amount of wishing will make it so. This is hard work, and anybody who says it isn't, either is lying, or they're already successful and have forgotten what's it like!

Oh,repparttar 102021 scams I fell for! I wish I had back even 10% of that money! Well, live and learn. That's right - LEARN. When I finally realized I didn't know quite as much as I thought I did, that's when things began to turn around for me.

Not that I'm what anybody would call a "success". If someone offered me a job forrepparttar 102022 hours I work, andrepparttar 102023 money I make, I would have to turn it down, ya know? I mean, I think it's below poverty level...real far below. However, I AM making some money, more each week, and I'm constantly working on ways to make more.

Deadlines are Lifelines

Written by Dave Balch

Nobody likes deadlines. Pressure! Stress! Anxiety! But we've all dealt with them. If you've ever written a term paperrepparttar night before it is due, raise your hand. (Mine is raised.) If you've ever "crammed" for an examrepparttar 102020 night before it was given, raise your hand. (Mine is raised.)

It has been said that 75% of all modern technology was perfected within 48 hours of a trade show. Why? The trade show is a perfect example of a deadline; products simply must be ready becauserepparttar 102021 stakes are high.

Even though they tend to be unpleasant, they can be turned to your advantage. How? By using them to motivate yourself to get things accomplished! Here are some examples of how I have purposely set deadlines for myself in order to insure that I get things done.

As I learned aboutrepparttar 102022 speaking business, it became apparent that it was critical that I write articles such as this one. They can be used in a number of ways to further my career, but I knew that they would never get written unless I had deadlines. When John Patrick approached me to write this column inrepparttar 102023 Alpenhorn, I was thrilled; not only because I would haverepparttar 102024 opportunity to be printed in his paper, but because I knew thatrepparttar 102025 deadlines would get me to actually write these articles!

I offer several different speaking programs, one of which is "10 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Screw-up Your Small Business". Beforerepparttar 102026 program was even developed, I made a commitment to give it at a Chamber of Commerce offrepparttar 102027 mountain. They scheduled a date, sent out notices, arranged a special luncheon, etc. Do you think I was ready whenrepparttar 102028 time came? You bet I was! Do you think I would have developed that program withoutrepparttar 102029 deadline? Probably not! Now I have a program that I can offer; a product that was created by forcing myself into a deadline situation.

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