The Monsters Out Of The Cage - Part 2

Written by John Colanzi

In part one of this article we covered why electronic publishing is such a powerful breakthrough, allowing even repparttar new online marketer to cash in.

If you missed part one you can get a copy via autoresponder.

Forrepparttar 129838 purposes of these articles we're going to assume you've either written your own ebook, are a reseller for repparttar 129839 author, or you've purchasedrepparttar 129840 resale rights to a book.

You've got your money machine, how do you get it to start spitting out cash.

Here's a simple step by step plan to getting started on a shoestring budget and reinvest profits to grow your money tree.

Step 1:

The first thing you'll need is a collection of classified ads that will peakrepparttar 129841 readers interest and take action.

The purpose ofrepparttar 129842 classified is to get yourepparttar 129843 lead. It's not designed to makerepparttar 129844 sale.

If you'd like to learn how to write powerful classified ads download a free copy of "How To Make A Fortune With Classified Ads" at:

The classified ad isrepparttar 129845 most powerful tool in your arsenal. They're low cost and carry a big punch.

Step 2:

How to Control The "Command Center" In Your Prospect's Mind

Written by Joe Vitale

Here's a million-dollar secret I've never shared with anyone before. When you use it, you will get inside your prospects' heads and manipulate their thinking to get them to do what you want---including sending you money right now for your product or service.

Sound hard to believe? Keep reading and I'll prove my point to you.

Right now, as you read these words, you are practicingrepparttar very thing I'm going to describe. Centuries ago people read books by moving their lips. Over time---and probably due to complaints fromrepparttar 129837 family---people learned to close their mouths.

But virtually all people still readrepparttar 129838 letters you send them by sayingrepparttar 129839 words in their head, almost as if they were speaking them out loud, but in reality speaking only to themselves. You're probably doing it right now.

You are, aren't you? It doesn't reflect anything about your intelligence. It's how most of us read. I read more than most people and I still readrepparttar 129840 same way you do, "mouthing"repparttar 129841 words in my head. It's how most of us humans acceptrepparttar 129842 written word. Relax. You're normal.

Why is this important?

Because this is a way for you to plant hypnotic commands right intorepparttar 129843 skulls of people. This is staggering power. When people read your sales letter, you are, in essence, right INSIDErepparttar 129844 head ofrepparttar 129845 very person you want to persuade. They are speaking your words---your commands, if you do this right---to themselves. You are in their "command center."

Think ofrepparttar 129846 power you have!

Unless you've taken a speed reading course---which teaches you to scan pages and avoid seeing single words---you are like everyone else: Hearing what I want you to hear right now, in your own mind. In reality, I'm in your head! What am I going to make you do?! Buy my books? Hire me to write copy for you? Make you go out with me and do my bidding? Hmmmmmm.

You can imaginerepparttar 129847 kind of power this gives me, and can give you once you learn how to do it, too. And that's what I am going to give you a quick-start lesson in: How to control your prospect's mind.

First: You need to accept that people are reading your sales letters (or ads, memos, email, web copy, etc.) by pronouncing your words in their heads. This means you are inrepparttar 129848 "forbidden zone" and ready to re-wire their brains.

Second: Keep in mind that as people read, they think. You are doing it right now and you have been doing it throughout this article. You are talking to yourself as you read. You are thinking.

People read your words and also ask questions, as if you were there to answer them. Your job as a Hypnotic Writer is to anticipate those questions and answer them. Do so and people will follow your commands.

Are you with me? As I mentioned earlier, I've never discussed this concept before because I felt it was too damn powerful to release. But when Mark Joyner asked me to expand onrepparttar 129849 material in my best-selling "Hypnotic Writing" series of books, I figured I owedrepparttar 129850 man my ace inrepparttar 129851 hole.

Here it is!

And here's how it works:

You write your sales letter with allrepparttar 129852 hypnotic writing skills you learned from my books. You use every trick you've learned to grab and hold attention, build desire, and lead to a strong close, because you know that's how you create truly hypnotic writing.

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