The Mobile Freelancer: Freedom to Make a Living from Anywhere

Written by Nick Usborne

There has been a huge amount written aboutrepparttar benefits of working from home.

Individuals run small businesses from home. Large corporations even set up home offices for many of their employees.

Right now most freelancers work from a home office. Some may invest in modest office space, but most ofrepparttar 136206 freelancers I know work from their homes.

It's good to have such a short commute time inrepparttar 136207 morning!

>> But what if you want more?

With smaller, more powerful laptops, improved internet connectivity worldwide and a host of cellular and web services to choose from...we're no longer confined to working from home. Now we can work from almost anywhere.

This opens up a host of new possibilities in our lives.

* We can travelrepparttar 136208 world, and still keep working

* We can live almost anywhere, out inrepparttar 136209 country or even in a different country

* We can travel to visit clients, attend seminars or pitch for new business in other cities without losing touch with our current work and customers

The list goes on and on.

>> Our only limitation is our fondness for old work habits

As freelancers we are literally free to work from most parts ofrepparttar 136210 world.

So why don't we all strike camp and explorerepparttar 136211 world?

There are many practical reasons, includingrepparttar 136212 needs of other members of our families and communities.

How To Write an Ezine Article

Written by John Mussi

Writing can be fraught atrepparttar best of times but it never ceases to amaze me just how much more difficult we make it by our approach. Writing an Ezine Article is no different to writing anything else. You need to approachrepparttar 136098 task in a professional way. There is little point in attempting to write anything whilst trying to answer mail, doingrepparttar 136099 dishes or groomingrepparttar 136100 pet. You have to giverepparttar 136101 article your undivided attention.

There is no set formula forrepparttar 136102 equipment you choose to write with, it just boils down to personal preference. Some people prefer to use a computer, others prefer a typewriter and some still like to use pen and paper. Selectrepparttar 136103 one that you are most comfortable with. Here are ten tips on how to make writing an Ezine Article a lot easier:

1. Allocate time

This will ensure that your train of thought is not interrupted. There is nothing worse for a writer than to have a good idea ruined by an interruption. To help yourself think findrepparttar 136104 quietest spot inrepparttar 136105 house, put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign up and closerepparttar 136106 door.

2. Remove all clutter

When you commence writing you do not want to be distracted by anything so clear your desk or table top of everything apart from your writing paraphernalia.

3. Select a topic

Most people find this one ofrepparttar 136107 hardest things about writing and yet we are spoilt for choice. You can write about an activity that you enjoy, a sport you play, a hobby that you have, work experience, health concept, travel experience and so on. The choice is endless. Haverepparttar 136108 courage of your conviction and go for it.

4. Choose a title

Choosing a title is just as important as selectingrepparttar 136109 content. The title has to capturerepparttar 136110 gist ofrepparttar 136111 content whilst atrepparttar 136112 same time be eye-catching enough to enable an editor to pick your article out of thousands of others.

5. Planrepparttar 136113 content

There is little point in rambling on for countless pages and hope to retainrepparttar 136114 readers interest. All writing whether a book or Ezine Article will need to have a beginning, middle and an end. Write down some basic points about your content. Then use headings and follow up by expandingrepparttar 136115 headings. Once this has been achieved, organiserepparttar 136116 content so that it makes sense whilst retaining a beginning, middle and end.

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