The Miraculous Claims of the Zone Diet

Written by Iulia Pascanu

The Miraculous Claims ofrepparttar Zone Diet

One way of recognizing a fad diet is said to berepparttar 131432 promise of multiple miraculous effects upon health. And Zone diet promises a lot.

"Why isrepparttar 131433 Zone diet so controversial?"

"Beats me!"

Extract from an interview with Dr. Barry Sears, by Harper&Collins Publishers

Five cover promises

At first glance, Barry Sears' first published book "Enter The Zone" hasrepparttar 131434 following main points:

  1. Lose weight permanently
  2. Reset your genetic code
  3. Prevent disease
  4. Achieve your maximum physical performance
  5. Enhance your mental productivity

These five statements should make us buy. I think I would buy if only one of them were true, point three, preventing disease.

How can a diet not be controversial when it says it can "prevent diseases"? But, to be fair, Dr Sears provides further details of his ambiguous statement somewhere betweenrepparttar 131435 covers ofrepparttar 131436 bestseller. We find out that Zone diet can help to:

  • prevent type II diabetes, as Zone diet is nothing more than permanent and accurate insulin control through food we ingest
  • prevent cardiovascular diseases (cardiomyopathy, arthritis, artherosclerosis, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia)
  • prevent or cure "mental diseases" such as depression and alcoholism
  • restore energy in conditions such as CMS, PMS or even HIV infections
  • prevent cancer development and make antibodies fight tumors with greater success.

Want Fries With That Mister

Written by Jenny Mathers

Yes, my healthy diet has at times suffered atrepparttar hands of fast food, I admit it Ė I am addicted to fast food Ė it makes me feel good, it makes us all feel good, thatís why its everywhere and thats whyrepparttar 131430 fast food chains make millions.

But letís face it, itís not that simple to be disciplined and no oneís going to go to a restaurant with friends and tellrepparttar 131431 restaurant that they canít eat that rice because its white rice and itíll send my blood sugar levels sky high and release insulin into my body, can I have basmati instead ? Ė well, maybe justrepparttar 131432 hardcore diet enthusiasts.

So what to do about fast food nutrition Ė well, I am going to give you my five most important principles for choosing food generally, but also quick things to look for when youíre out in order to complement your healthy diet:

1. Find Out How The Food Was Cooked. Itís notrepparttar 131433 actual food that matters, itísrepparttar 131434 way it was cooked. Little things like this can make a world of difference.

2. Drink Lots Of Water. When youíre out, have a water bottle close by Ė youíd be surprised what a difference it makes.

3. If it doesnít look natural, then it probably wonít do your diet much good. Generallyrepparttar 131435 more processed a food is,repparttar 131436 more likely that it will be absorbed into your body very quickly and will not give you sustained energy. If it looks like itís gone through a lot of processes before reaching you, then give it a miss.

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