The Middle East: Prior Claims?

Written by The Indignant Bystander / Francis Shimandle

A Lebanese-American named Sharon Nader Sloan recently published his thoughts onrepparttar Palestinian claims that “Palestine is their land, and that Jerusalem is their capital, and that Israel is occupying their land.” He further notes that Palestinians believe that sincerepparttar 126059 West Bank is theirs, that “to resist occupation they haverepparttar 126060 right to send suicide bombers into crowded bus stations, pizza parlors, etc., and kill innocent men, women and children. And all Arab and Muslim countries support them in their claims and actions against Israel.”

This Lebanese-American also concludes that althoughrepparttar 126061 idea thatrepparttar 126062 West Bank is occupied Palestinian land has been accepted by almost everyone, it is, in fact, “the greatest lie everperpetrated”. And he proceeds to refute bothrepparttar 126063 claim, its justifying of terrorist acts on Israel, andrepparttar 126064 supposed support for it by other Arab and Muslim nations, with some convincing historical information.

First of all, where wasrepparttar 126065 Arab support for Palestinian statehood beforerepparttar 126066 Jewish state came into existence? For 19 years before Israel was formed, Jordan occupiedrepparttar 126067 entire West Bank, including Jerusalem. There was no Arab demand forrepparttar 126068 Kingdom of Jordan to stop rulingrepparttar 126069 occupied territory, no clamor forrepparttar 126070 formation of a Palestinian state, or Jerusalem being its rightful capital.

So, if allrepparttar 126071 Arab hatred for Israel is based on love and support for their Palestinian brethren, and wanting them to reclaim their own state, where was that support before Israel’s formation?

Truth is, there never was a Palestinian state. And in recorded history, Jerusalem has never beenrepparttar 126072 capital of any country other than ancient Israel and modern Israel. How, then, can there be a claim that Jerusalem isrepparttar 126073 capital of a state which never existed? One ofrepparttar 126074 problems is that so few of us in Europe andrepparttar 126075 U.S. remember enough world history to see how events can distort reality and lies, repeated often enough, become accepted as facts.

Many, including some Arab and Muslim journalists and scholars, question evenrepparttar 126076 notion of a Palestinian people. Four elements distinguish a people - language, religion, culture and cuisine. As an example, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans are all Oriental. Yet, they are different people, because they each have distinct language, different religions, different cultures and distinctly differing cuisines. People called Palestinians speakrepparttar 126077 same language, followrepparttar 126078 same religion, exhibitrepparttar 126079 same culture and eatrepparttar 126080 same cuisine as other Arabs. They are, in fact, Arabs who happen to live inrepparttar 126081 region called Palestine.

Palestine is not, and never has been historically,repparttar 126082 name of a nation, norrepparttar 126083 name of a people. It is a region. Siberia is a region, too. There is, however, no country named Siberia, no people named Siberians. The Sahara is a region, as well, not a country. Arabs living in that region are Libyans and Moroccans.

Because Palestine is a region and not a nation, Britain was able to partition it and gave half to Arabs living on one side ofrepparttar 126084 Jordan River, which becamerepparttar 126085 Kingdom of Jordan. Because it is a region,repparttar 126086 United Nations was able to dividerepparttar 126087 rest of it betweenrepparttar 126088 Jews andrepparttar 126089 Arabs living there. Hadrepparttar 126090 Arabs accepted that U.N. resolution, there would have been a newly created Arab state called Palestine. They rejectedrepparttar 126091 compromise, however, and went to war to destroy Israel. They lost. There is no Palestinian state.

David builtrepparttar 126092 city called Jerusalem. His son, Solomon, builtrepparttar 126093 holy temple within it. The commonwealth called Israel lasted about 1,000 years, with one break, 400 years after David. The invaders from Babylon occupied Israel for 70 years, until Cyrusrepparttar 126094 Great, of Persia (!), helpedrepparttar 126095 people of Israel regain their land, rebuildrepparttar 126096 temple and rule for 600 more years. The Romans invaded and ruled Israel, thenrepparttar 126097 Crusaders reigned. The Ottoman Empire ruled next, thenrepparttar 126098 British Empire, and finally, Israel returned to its homeland and builtrepparttar 126099 modern Jewish state.

In all that time, it was never, ever, a Palestinian state. Whence, then, allrepparttar 126100 discussion and controversy about an occupied Palestinian land?

Those who refer to themselves as Palestinians certainly haverepparttar 126101 right to live there, freely and in peace. But doesrepparttar 126102 right to declare it a Palestinian state come fromrepparttar 126103 mere fact that they are occupyingrepparttar 126104 region? Imagine California and its Mexican-American population. If this community, greater in number thanrepparttar 126105 Palestinians inrepparttar 126106 West Bank, were to claim thatrepparttar 126107 U.S. is occupying their land since they live there, and demanded other citizens leave so they could form their own country, how would our government respond? What if Washington said they could live there, but not claim independent sovereignty, and they began sending suicide bombers, snipers, mortar fire, and so on, intorepparttar 126108 rest ofrepparttar 126109 country?

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