The Mid-Life Challenge: Make a Plan to Re-ignite Vocational Passion

Written by Craig Nathanson

Nobody will stop you inrepparttar hallway at work to ask if your career provides meaning and personal fulfillment. Recognizing that something’s missing in your vocational life and takingrepparttar 107128 initiative to change must come from within. Serena Williamson found a way to turn her passion — helping writers hone their skills in order to get published — intorepparttar 107129 catalyst for a new, more fulfilling life. Serena now runs her own small publishing house. Software engineer Bonnie Vining needed a new career that would value her warm personality, not suppress it. So she leftrepparttar 107130 high-tech world and opened Javalina’s Coffee and Friends. After Anita Flegg lost her engineering job, she embarked on a program of self-improvement. The journey led to personal discoveries and her calling: She provides information and support to those who, like her, suffer from hypoglycemia. I have found that many high achievers who lose enthusiasm for their work share common traits: - Their work has little connection torepparttar 107131 things they really care about. Work is a barrier rather than a path to fulfillment. - While they may be doing something they’re good at, it isn’t something they want to do. Unfulfilled professionals haven’t taken time to align their abilities with their interests. - They have never made a long-term plan to guide them toward a more fulfilling vocational life. They tend to set short-term goals, or set no goals at all. - As they reach mid-life and understandrepparttar 107132 need for meaning, they turn to their current workplace as a source of what’s missing. Most organizations, though, are structurally incapable of providing nourishment forrepparttar 107133 soul. Sorepparttar 107134 mid-life employee’s frustration grows. Mid-lifers like Serena, Bonnie, and Anita take stock of their lives and careers. They develop a plan to re-ignite their energy and enthusiasm for work. The process involves a number of steps, butrepparttar 107135 common thread involves taking responsibility for making life changes. Here’s how: - Identify what’s most important to you, then develop and work a plan to get there. The plan should involve short-term goals that lead to a long-term objective. When Bonnie decided that engineering management was no longer for her, she appliedrepparttar 107136 discipline ofrepparttar 107137 corporate world to her new career: owning a gourmet coffee shop. Bonnie learned everything she could about specialty coffees and how to run a coffeehouse. She made good use of experts inrepparttar 107138 field. She then moved quickly toward her goal of opening Javalina’s Coffee and Friends in Tucson, Ariz. The thorough approach increased her chance of success. to provide Professional Career Evaluation and Career Tools for

Written by Job Sniper Staff

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Chandler Hill Partners isrepparttar 107145 nation’s leading career search specialists. With more than 40 locations nationwide, Chandler Hill Partners has earned a reputation for integrity, innovation, dedication to quality and commitment to results. Chandler Hill Partners provides a wide range of services for both jobseekers and employers.

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