The Meta Tag Myth

Written by Bobby Heard

The morerepparttar better right? Wrong. At least when it comes to meta tags. The history ofrepparttar 127829 meta tag started off as a nice tool that web sites could use to showrepparttar 127830 search engines whatrepparttar 127831 site was about withoutrepparttar 127832 words showing up onrepparttar 127833 actual page. It seemed like a great idea until people started to abuserepparttar 127834 meta tag. They would add highly searched for keywords that were unrelated to their site in their meta tags in hopes of attracting additional traffic. The search engines caught on and loweredrepparttar 127835 importance of meta tags - they figured out that if they put more emphasis onrepparttar 127836 visible content of a site, people would have a much more difficult time "cheating". Turns out that they were right.

Now, donít get me wrong, meta tags still do carry some significance. They need to be consistent withrepparttar 127837 content of your site, but most importantly theyíre somewhat of a measure ofrepparttar 127838 legitimacy of your site. The most common myth when it comes to search engine optimization is thatrepparttar 127839 best meta tag isrepparttar 127840 one packed withrepparttar 127841 most information. This couldn't be further fromrepparttar 127842 truth.

The keyword meta tag has been abused more than any other meta tag and does not carry as much importance as most ofrepparttar 127843 others because of this reason. Most search engines only readrepparttar 127844 first few characters ofrepparttar 127845 tag, if they read it at all, because they know that most keyword meta tags are filled with spam - Justrepparttar 127846 same words repeated over and over. That is why itís important to get your most important keywords torepparttar 127847 front of your keyword meta tag.

The Resubmission Myth

Written by Bobby Heard

Sorepparttar thinking goes,repparttar 127828 more times you resubmit your site torepparttar 127829 search engines,repparttar 127830 better chance that you have of getting torepparttar 127831 top for your keywords. I canít tell you how much it aggravates me when I hear about another searach engine optimization company who is selling resubmission packages to struggling small-business owners who just want to find one ďprofessionalĒ in this industry who isnít charging them ridiculous prices for NO results. Unfortunately, not only do their clients not understand that they are totally wasting their money and not improving their siteís rankings at all, they are actually paying a company to potentially crush their rankings.

The search engines are a touchy group. As you can imagine, they get hassled constantly, as they holdrepparttar 127832 key to most businessí success. They have systems in place to handlerepparttar 127833 incredible amount of information that they must organize and database. The submission process is simply one of those systems they have, used to inform them of your web siteís presence if they were previously unaware of its existence. Thatís all that it is. Once they are aware ofrepparttar 127834 URL of your web site, they will continue to go to it, update it, and most importantly, keep it in their database. So whatísrepparttar 127835 harm in resubmission you ask? Well, itís like sitting in class when your teacher is taking attendance. She calls out your name and you say that you are present. Then, EVERY 5 minutes forrepparttar 127836 rest ofrepparttar 127837 day, you put up your hand and remind her that you are still present. This may sound ridiculously stupid, but in essence, that is what you are doing torepparttar 127838 search engines when you resubmit to them, and search engines can sometimes react by throwing your listing out of their database, just like your teacher is likely to react by throwing you out of her class.

By continually submitting your site, you are creating more work for a major company that is trying (as every company surely is) to create a cost-efficient operation. Your continual submission means that they have more information to process and thus, more money to spend employing someone to deal with that information. The search engines, just like all of us and any successful business, hate wasting money where they donít need to. So if you continually resubmit your site, they get progressively irritated, and will sometimes take drastic measures such as banning your site from their database.

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