The Mercy of Others

Written by Gerald L. Campbell

The Mercy of Others

These photographic images reveal throughrepparttar lives and faces of individuals an 'interior presence' whose poignant energy and pathos communicate torepparttar 109422 viewerrepparttar 109423 conflicting dynamics of love and alienation. Initially, each image comes alive as a living metaphor symbolizingrepparttar 109424 alienatation ofrepparttar 109425 individual fromrepparttar 109426 moral and spiritual bonds of communoity. But, more profoundly, each image penetrates beyondrepparttar 109427 'metaphor of alienation' and discovers inrepparttar 109428 dynamic core ofrepparttar 109429 person a certain restless and irresistible 'crying out for love and community.'

The metaphorical quality of this 'crying out for love and community' gives these images a unique capacity to establish a profound and lasting dialogue withrepparttar 109430 viewer. To be sure, each image presents a brutal and unsettling presence of moral and spiritual alienation. Many who see them will hesitate, grow uncomfortable, and perhaps recoil. Some may even take flight.

But, for those who go deeper, there is much more. For, by going beyond alienation,repparttar 109431 veil over community is lifted asrepparttar 109432 viewer andrepparttar 109433 image are melded together in simple humanity. Each viewer becomes reminded of their 'higher self' andrepparttar 109434 potential they have for love and compassion, understanding and mercy. They feel a glowing sensation. Yet, they also awaken a sensitivity to their own vulnerability. Life is contemplated as though it were apart fromrepparttar 109435 love and compassion of others. They imagine its horrors. They recognize their own 'crying out for love and community,' and realize in their need to 'belong' a dependency on others. They know that only love and compassion can easerepparttar 109436 pain of aloneness, and recognizerepparttar 109437 moral indifference and emptiness ofrepparttar 109438 contrary. A simple truth has been discovered: community can be forged out ofrepparttar 109439 crucible of alienation only throughrepparttar 109440 mercy of others.

What makes for good online learning?

Written by Phil Garing

What makes for good online learning?

Perhaps one ofrepparttar strongest temptations when approaching online solutions is to start by converting existing training resources into web resources. Since much face-to-face delivery is backed up by print materials, putting print documents online is often a popular starting point. If learners are academic, highly motivated and good at organising their study, they'll probably cope with large volumes of text. They'll print it out, read it, file it logically and use it.

Is thisrepparttar 109421 profile you're dealing with? Probably not. The reality is thatrepparttar 109422 Web is a visual medium. It's also true that reading large amounts of text from a screen is unpleasant and learners will avoid it where possible.

One ofrepparttar 109423 other advantages of online learning is that content can be linked and accessed in non-linear ways. Large blocks of text online can limitrepparttar 109424 potential to make learning a dynamic process.

The challenge is to design education and training solutions that draw onrepparttar 109425 strengths ofrepparttar 109426 media selected. Future updaters will pick up on educational design as a tool for achieving this.

Generic development/delivery tools, what's out there?

The last 5 years have seen a raft of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) hitrepparttar 109427 market. They offer, in varying degrees,repparttar 109428 ability to develop, deliver and administer online learning solutions. Mainstream products include:

"TopClass" (, "Learning Space" ( abs/learnspace), "WebCT" (, "Web Crossing" ( "CourseInfo" ( "FirstClass" (

Core features generally include: - file structures for making materials available online - chat and bulletin board communication systems - administration systems for managing students' progress

Each touts a list a mile long of institutions that use them, but in our experience, often only part ofrepparttar 109429 product is used. For example,repparttar 109430 communication and student management facilities of FirstClass are popular, but some organisations choose not to use it for content delivery for various technical reasons.

If subscribers have an opinion on a particular LMS, they're invited to forward it to us. We'll collate your responses and feed them back torepparttar 109431 list....

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