The Many Wonders of Flamingo Bay

Written by Fred Coolridge

Great Exuma Bahamas has earned its remarkable reputation by being one ofrepparttar most desirable vacation destinations inrepparttar 149081 world. Discriminating travelers choose Great Exuma for its friendly people and stunning natural beauty. The island may be small but there are many beautiful sights to see, one of which isrepparttar 149082 impressive Flamingo Bay.

Located just 2 miles south of George Town, Flamingo Bay is a scenic paradise. Boasting one ofrepparttar 149083 most beautiful beaches onrepparttar 149084 island,repparttar 149085 bay is a quiet enclave, home to only a select number of luxurious villas. A spectacular coral reef, approximately one mile out, prevents breaking waves and allows you to walk on a sandy ocean floor and swim in calm waters.

Unlike many Caribbean destinations, Flamingo Bay is not densely populated and does not play host to an endless number of tourists. Life in and aroundrepparttar 149086 bay is serene and relaxed, yet there is still much one can do. There is a view of Stocking Island which can be accessed by kayak or other boat. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoyrepparttar 149087 excellent bonefishing nearby. If a game of golf is more your speed, a visit torepparttar 149088 Greg Norman golf course is in order. Located uprepparttar 149089 coast at Emerald Bay and designed byrepparttar 149090 golf legend himself, this 18-hole championship course is one ofrepparttar 149091 best ocean-side courses inrepparttar 149092 world. And, even if you are not an avid boater, it is impossible to remain unimpressed byrepparttar 149093 Bay’s marina. Stroll around and marvel atrepparttar 149094 stunning vessels or hop aboard one forrepparttar 149095 day.

Spice up your life with an adventure holiday!

Written by Loreal Oliver

Are you bored withrepparttar routine of city life? Do you yearn for a getaway fromrepparttar 149080 hustle and bustle and put some excitement into your life? Do you hope to visitrepparttar 149081 places that have been aired over National Geographic Explorer and experience it for yourself? If your answer is yes to these questions, then adventure travel is justrepparttar 149082 thing for you!

Defining an Adventure Holiday Ok, so you’ve decided that you want an adventure holiday. This leads you torepparttar 149083 next question – what type of adventure holiday do you want? There is just so much variety and different perceptions ofrepparttar 149084 word “Adventure” that people have come up with all sorts of activities to define this word. For example, there’srepparttar 149085 nerve-wrenching bungee jumping sport with locations available to do this all overrepparttar 149086 world. If you are into water adventures, then white-water rafting may just be right for you. For mountain climbers, they can scale any mountain inrepparttar 149087 world, each providingrepparttar 149088 mountain climber distinctive challenges and excitement.

Onrepparttar 149089 other hand, some people may consider watching a cultural parade in an exotic country as an adventure. For example,repparttar 149090 annual carnival at Tobago offers an opportunity for visitors to join into their celebrations of street parties and multi-colored parades. Perhaps a cruise to Alaska to watch seals and whales is an adventure to some, while others may prefer a hot air balloon ride amongstrepparttar 149091 clouds. Those with an archeological spirit within them, may desire to visitrepparttar 149092 ruins of Anchor Wat orrepparttar 149093 Pyramids of Kulkulcan and call that an adventure.

Well,repparttar 149094 possibilities are just endless. Andrepparttar 149095 definitions are wider. Inrepparttar 149096 end, as long as you had a good time, experienced a great getaway and have opened your eyes to new sights and sounds, your objectives would then have already been met.

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