The Manifestation Delay

Written by Stephanie Yeh

One ofrepparttar crucial points that people often overlook isrepparttar 122365 delay between thoughts/feelings and actual manifestation. There is a period of delay between what you are thinking and feeling, and what is manifesting. The life you are living today is actuallyrepparttar 122366 result of thoughts and feelings that you had yesterday, last week, last month, last year or even last lifetime. Your physical reality is always one step behind your mental and emotional processes.

So what implications does this have for your manifestation? It means that if you’re working on manifesting something in your life, you shouldn’t look to your current physical reality as an accurate gauge of how well you are doing. Your current reality can only show you how well you have done inrepparttar 122367 past.

If you look at your current reality and find it displeasing, don’t try to do anything to change it. It’s justrepparttar 122368 end result of your earlier manifestation efforts. When you take steps to physically change your reality, you’re not really affecting your future – only your past.

40 Days and 40 Nights in the Wilderness with Venus

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

Venus,repparttar planet, goes retrograde (backwards) less frequently than Mercury, about every 18 months, and lasts 40 days. Because it is less frequent, it is more difficult to understand and wreaks more havoc than a Mercury retrograde. Mercury affects communication. Venus affects possessions, relationships, women’s issues and most of all values. Venus asks, “What is it that you really value?”

Many astrologers also believe that Venus affectsrepparttar 122364 stock market. The next Venus retrograde period begins May 17, 2004. Also check back to October 10, 2002 to see what was happening in your life duringrepparttar 122365 last Venus retrograde so you can draw some conclusions as to how you handle these transits.

A client wrote me during an earlier Venus Retrograde: “I've been reading your eZines and wondering whatrepparttar 122366 ‘difficult time’ we are all having is. Then, I experienced it with a deep, fast plunge torepparttar 122367 bottom complete with a few extra bumps to round outrepparttar 122368 full force of impact. Whew! I haven't been down here in awhile. ”

A student in my ongoing Tuesday night astrology class wanted to know, “How can a dinky little inner planet like Venus cause so much trouble?”

Well, these are very good questions.

The answer is partly imbedded inrepparttar 122369 relationship ofrepparttar 122370 planet Venus torepparttar 122371 esoteric properties ofrepparttar 122372 Number 5. Let’s take a closer look at this planet, Venus andrepparttar 122373 Number 5!

The physical planet of Venus (inrepparttar 122374 sky tonight) is a strange amalgam. Named afterrepparttar 122375 Roman Goddess of Love, nonetheless, she is surrounded by such a noxious yellow atmosphere that life is impossible (permanent greenhouse effect). It doesn’t surprise us, then, to know thatrepparttar 122376 Roman goddess herself had several epithets. One of them was “Venus ofrepparttar 122377 Sewers”. Venus also rules venereal disease.

The ancient Aztecs had a Venutian goddess who walkedrepparttar 122378 earth as a man forrepparttar 122379 40 days ofrepparttar 122380 retrograde cycle. The warlike Aztecs declared war when Venus went retrograde.

These are some of our clues as to what lies beneathrepparttar 122381 surface of a Venus retrograde transit and why it can be so disruptive on a very personal level.

In transit, Venus goes retrograde five times over a period of eight years, coming back torepparttar 122382 same sign in which she started atrepparttar 122383 end of five 584-day cycles (or eight years). This is Venus’ cycle to herself. She is working her way in stations back throughrepparttar 122384 zodiac, 2 to 3 degrees earlier in each sign, each time.

The stations of Venus form a quintile (five-ish) pattern againstrepparttar 122385 backdrop ofrepparttar 122386 zodiac. A diagram of Venus stations across a horoscope actually makes an image like a pentagram.

The quintile aspect reminds us ofrepparttar 122387 other quin in astrology --repparttar 122388 quincunx aspect (signs that are 5 houses before and after one another). As every astrologer worth her salt knows,repparttar 122389 quincunx isrepparttar 122390 most difficult aspect of all to reconcile within an individual’s chart (psyche). It is also very difficult to “read” in a chart other than saying there are “irreconcilable differences”. There are certainly good ways forrepparttar 122391 professional to interpret this aspect but that isn't withinrepparttar 122392 scope of this article.

For a good grip onrepparttar 122393 qualities ofrepparttar 122394 Number 5, take a look atrepparttar 122395 “fives” inrepparttar 122396 Tarot deck. The Fives are ruled byrepparttar 122397 Major Arcana V, The Hierophant,repparttar 122398 Teacher of Hard Life Lessons.

One ofrepparttar 122399 meanings expressed byrepparttar 122400 Hierophant is that apparently there are some things in life that can only be learned inrepparttar 122401 School of Hard Knocks. People with a #5 Birth Force learn through doing not by reading books or listening to lectures.

Five is also known mystically asrepparttar 122402 "Number of Man". It representsrepparttar 122403 ability of man to understand things of an esoteric nature and is most familiarly represented inrepparttar 122404 drawing of Leonard DaVinci showing a male figure with arms and legs spread against a circular background. I remember seeing a very dramatic presentation of Marlowe’s Faust in San Diego where this figure was cast in stagelights acrossrepparttar 122405 floor ofrepparttar 122406 Dr. Faust’s study asrepparttar 122407 curtain opened and Our Hero”Everyman/Faust began his mythical struggle with his own nature.

There is a good book written for professional astrologers about retrograde cycles, including Venus Retrograde, called “Retrograde Planets” by Erin Sullivan, published by Penguin Books in 1992 which explainsrepparttar 122408 basic characteristics of Venus as she “turns her back” on us. The effects of this transit are amongrepparttar 122409 most difficult to predict (and describe) perhaps because it is one ofrepparttar 122410 very most unique and personal to each individual. This makes generalities very difficult.

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