The Man Who Tastes Shapes

Written by Keith Varnum

Some people see, taste, hear and feel thingsrepparttar rest of us don' t. James Wannerton tastes words: "New York is runny eggs. London is extremely lumpy mashed potatoes." Carol Steen sees every letter with a color: "Z isrepparttar 126222 color of beer, a light ale."

For Carol Crane, music is felt: "I always feel guitars on my ankles and violins on my face." Other people experience smells when exposed to shapes, or hear sounds inside taste. And for some, numbers have color, sounds have smell, and words have flavor. Music is not only heard, it's seen and tasted--the list goes on.

Neurologist Richard Cytowic explores this surreal world of " synesthesia" in his book, The Man Who Tasted Shapes. " Synesthesia means joined sensation, and some people are born with two or more of their senses hooked together," explains Cytowic.

The most common form of synesthesia is when a person see letters in different colors instead of seeing black ink letters as black. Although people differ from each other in what colorsrepparttar 126223 letters are,repparttar 126224 colors usually remainrepparttar 126225 same for each individual throughout their life.

Depending on what food they taste, other synesthetes experience taste as a shape, like a triangle or circle. Another person sees orange when feeling pain.

For New York artist Carol Steen, synesthesia is inspiration. She sees shapes and colors when listening to music or receiving acupuncture-images that she transforms into works of art. "It's like putting on sunglasses and being able to seerepparttar 126226 world throughrepparttar 126227 sunglasses," she says. Once, when Steen injured her leg while hiking, all she saw was a world bathed in orange.

And, Carol Crane does more than simply hear a concert. She physically experiences each instrument within a different part of her body.

Still another person hears a sound that tastes like pickles. For as long as he can recall, words have triggeredrepparttar 126228 part of Wannerton's brain that responds to tastes and flavors. "I can remember being in a big school assembly hall listening torepparttar 126229 Lords Prayer," he says, "and it was while listening to that, I used to get flavor after flavor coming in. It was mostly bacon."

Wannerton says his synesthesia causes him some discomfort in his personal life. "I've had girlfriends with names I couldn't stand saying. Tracey is a very strong flavored name and it's flaky- pastry. Whenever I was in her company, that's what I thought of constantly." And atrepparttar 126230 end ofrepparttar 126231 day, he suffers from sensory overload. But still he doesn't want a cure. "I've had it since I can remember, and taking it away--I wouldn't likerepparttar 126232 thought of that," he says.

What's going on insiderepparttar 126233 synesthete's brain?

Dr. Vilyanur Ramachandran, a neurologist who studies quirks ofrepparttar 126234 brain, was scanningrepparttar 126235 brain of McAllister, a man who sees music. Duringrepparttar 126236 imaging,repparttar 126237 music being played stimulates not only McAllister's audio cortex, but also his visual cortex. "The visual area lit up in him," says Ramachandran, "so you know there was neurological activity inrepparttar 126238 visual region of his brain even though he was only listening to music." McAllister describes it as a "Fantasia-like experience: explosions of color all overrepparttar 126239 place. A bright flash of lavender getting dimmer and dimmer; now we're going over a pink staircase, some lavender violins. It looks very beautiful."

Super Psychic Kids

Written by Keith Varnum

Amazing Powers of New Children

In increasing numbers every year, "New Children" are being born aroundrepparttar world who have "x-ray" vision, move objects throughrepparttar 126221 air with their minds, and knowrepparttar 126222 future. And these abilities are justrepparttar 126223 tip ofrepparttar 126224 iceberg! "The New Kids onrepparttar 126225 Block" are able to move solid objects through solid materials, read balls of papers placed in their ears, bend spoons solely through intention, communicate telepathically, and "read" with parts of their bodies other than their eyes! These innocent children are demonstrating natural spiritual abilities that are relegated by most people torepparttar 126226 realms of fantasy and movie " special effects."

China's Wonder Youth

Since 1974repparttar 126227 Chinese government has discovered over 100,000 children who have extraordinary psychic powers. These children, when blindfolded, can "see" with either their ears, nose, mouth, tongue, armpits, hands or feet. In one test conducted by Omni magazine, researchers randomly ripped a page from a stack of books. The page was then crumpled into a small ball and placed inrepparttar 126228 armpit of a Chinese child who then read perfectly every word onrepparttar 126229 balled up piece of paper. Chinese kids can also readrepparttar 126230 wadded up ball under their feet, in their ears, and even by chewing it up! Another remarkable feat that over 5,000 young Chinese have demonstrated publicly isrepparttar 126231 passing of solid objects through another solid object. A child randomly selects a glass bottle of pills which is sealed in its original plastic wrap and then placed on a large bare table. Suddenlyrepparttar 126232 pills insiderepparttar 126233 sealed bottle pass throughrepparttar 126234 glass and appear onrepparttar 126235 table. The child can also take a coin, put it onrepparttar 126236 table, andrepparttar 126237 coin will pass intorepparttar 126238 sealed bottle. A young girl named Yong Li can remove cigarettes from inside a cardboard box without touchingrepparttar 126239 box. One boy can control mechanical watches, making them run fast or slow. Another can make watch hands move quickly aroundrepparttar 126240 watch face without touching them.

Natural X-ray vision

A 12-year-old girl, Hu Lian, can see inside a person's body. Hu saw a piece of shrapnel left inside a man's body and accurately drew its shape. Other children were tested in hospitals on their accuracy in medical diagnoses. Out of 75 cases,repparttar 126241 children were completely accurate in 80% ofrepparttar 126242 cases. In trials viewing fetal positions, they were correct 84% ofrepparttar 126243 time.

Invoking roses to bloom

A young Chinese girl has demonstrated her ability to influence live rosebuds that over 1,000 audience members were holding in their own hands. With a silent wave of her hand,repparttar 126244 thousand rosebuds would slowly open into fully blossomed roses beforerepparttar 126245 eyes ofrepparttar 126246 astonished audience. And underrepparttar 126247 strict discipline of scientific research controls,repparttar 126248 Chinese government has observed these same children changing human DNA molecules in a petri dish.

Kids activate other kids' power

The Chinese government has set up training schools to assist these children to develop, and pass on to others, their psychic abilities. The officials discovered that when they have children who aren't psychic socialize withrepparttar 126249 psychic children,repparttar 126250 non- psychic children quickly absorbrepparttar 126251 ability to performrepparttar 126252 same astounding feats asrepparttar 126253 psychic kids.

Mexican miracles

Over 1,000 children were found in Mexico City who were able to " see" usingrepparttar 126254 exact same body parts asrepparttar 126255 kids in China. Blindfolded, an 18-year-old Mexican girl, Inge Bardor, can accurately know everything aboutrepparttar 126256 people or place in a photo simply by touchingrepparttar 126257 photo. Inge can also describerepparttar 126258 person who tookrepparttar 126259 picture and whatrepparttar 126260 photographer was wearing that day. In one photo ofrepparttar 126261 inside of a house, Inge psychically went intorepparttar 126262 house describing exactly what was down a hallway that was not shown inrepparttar 126263 photo! Testing her ability to read with her feet, she stood blindfolded on a newspaper and read it perfectly.

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