The Magnificent Seven - Quick Tips for Cheaper Car Insurance

Written by Jason Hulott

Gettingrepparttar best deal on your car insurance does not mean that you have to forgorepparttar 146091 security of being covered by a well-known insurer. There are many ways of tailoringrepparttar 146092 policy and considerations you need to make to providerepparttar 146093 cover you need at a lower cost.

1 Excess All policies have an ‘excess’ – that isrepparttar 146094 amount you will have to fork out if you make a claim on your car insurance. It can range from £50 upwards. However, choose to pay an additional excess on top ofrepparttar 146095 compulsory excess and you’ll pay a lower premium.

2 Residence If your car is garaged overnight or on your driveway, you’ll pay a lower premium than if it was left inrepparttar 146096 street.

And those who live inrepparttar 146097 country will pay less than someone living in an inner-city.

3 Grouping While you may be able to pick up a second hand Porsche at a bargain price, you’ll more than make up it forrepparttar 146098 cost of insurance. Check outrepparttar 146099 group -repparttar 146100 lowerrepparttar 146101 group number,repparttar 146102 lowerrepparttar 146103 premium.

Durable Replacement Parts for the Toyota Lexus LS430 now Available at Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

The LS430 is a large, rear-drive sedan, powered by a 4.3-litre, dual overhead cam V8 pumping out 207kW of power and 417Nm of torque. Chief designer ofrepparttar Lexus LS430, Makoto Ooshima, told American industry journal automotive Newsrepparttar 145775 car's design was inspired byrepparttar 145776 Japanese bullet train asrepparttar 145777 car was tested inrepparttar 145778 same wind tunnel. The maker claimsrepparttar 145779 LS430 isrepparttar 145780 most aerodynamic sedan inrepparttar 145781 world, with a drag coefficient of 0.25. (An average family sedan is 0.32.)

The 2005 Toyota Lexus LS 430 has powered door-closing system, which pullsrepparttar 145782 doors tight againstrepparttar 145783 seals. The headlight beams swivel by 15 degrees left or right to followrepparttar 145784 road according to speed and steering input and there's a reversing camera that transmits images to a 7in screen that also displays sat-nav information. Voice recognition technology responds to about 300 commands forrepparttar 145785 navigation, audio and air-conditioning, while Bluetooth technology permits cable-free use of mobile phones andrepparttar 145786 like. A tyre pressure monitoring system is low-tech in comparison.

The latest version ofrepparttar 145787 32-valve V8 engine uses less fuel and produces less noxious emissions. The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with Shift Logic Control that responds to road grade and acceleration/deceleration activity. A Sequential Shift feature also allowsrepparttar 145788 driver to control gearshifts manually, if desired.

"This car's role is to elevate Lexus to a truly world-class level,” said Jim Press,repparttar 145789 head of Toyota Motor Sales USA and it means air-cooled seats, automatic rain-sensitive windscreen wipers and parking sensors, Mark Levinson audio/navigation system with handy rear camera, voice command and Bluetooth wireless connections; air suspension; rear door sunshades; rear seat adjuster with power/slide and memory and massage; and parking assist

One ofrepparttar 145790 high technology items built in to every LS430 is a Pre-Collision System (PCS) which can reduce collision severity and damage by use of millimeter-wave radar that detects obstacles in front ofrepparttar 145791 car. Ifrepparttar 145792 system determines that a collision is imminent, it retractsrepparttar 145793 driver and front passenger seatbelts. PCS also preparesrepparttar 145794 Brake Assist system, which, afterrepparttar 145795 driver appliesrepparttar 145796 brakes, automatically applies increased braking force to help reduce collision speed.

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