The Magic of Flowers

Written by Karen Escaland

Flowers are natural gifts that beautify our environment. Whether used in an arrangement to gracerepparttar kitchen table or placed in a vase byrepparttar 113388 bedside, flowers provide a sense of invitation and welcome to guests and offerrepparttar 113389 sweet fragrances of springtime inrepparttar 113390 process. The gift of flowers can brighten anyone’s day and bring an abundance of happiness to those who receive them.

Flowers are Magic

The gift of a single flower is often a reflection of a romantic intention or some other form of feelings that are being expressed to another. Such an offering can bring magic torepparttar 113391 moment, if received by a special someone. More than simply offering a pleasant experience torepparttar 113392 senses, flowers can bring an acute sense of pleasure to repparttar 113393 heart ofrepparttar 113394 recipient.

According to previous studies, a floral aroma can have an impact on human emotions, in contrast to unpleasant odors, which can cause irritability and a sense of discontent. The very color of a flower may have a profound effect on an individual.

Flowers and Their Meanings

Contrary to what you may have been told, there are no specific meanings that are associated with flower types or colors. When givingrepparttar 113395 gift of flowers, people tend to personalizerepparttar 113396 experience by offeringrepparttar 113397 types and/or colors that carry a significant meaning torepparttar 113398 person or occasion. Due torepparttar 113399 widespread belief, however, that certain meanings are attached to particular flower types, repparttar 113400 Society of American Florists has composed a list of flower/meaning associations, in accordance with their histories.

Meanings according to type: Anemone - Fragility; Apple Blossom - Promise; Baby’s Breath - Festivity; Begonia - Deep Thoughts; Camellia - Graciousness; Daisy - Innocence; Forget-Me-Not – Eternal Remembrance; Holly - Domestic Happiness; Lilac - First Love; Orchid - Delicate Beauty;

Meanings according to color: Pink Rose - Friendship; Red Rose - Passion; Red & White Rose - Love and Unity; Yellow Rose - Zeal; Purple Tulip - Royalty;

Cut Flowers As a result ofrepparttar 113401 mounting global market and technological advances, an abundance of flower varieties are available throughoutrepparttar 113402 year. Some ofrepparttar 113403 most beautiful and diverse arrangements contain a mixture of fresh cut and other types of flowers or plants. Contained within this section are some ofrepparttar 113404 more common varieties that are available through most local florists.

One ofrepparttar 113405 more classic flowers –repparttar 113406 rose – is available in a variety of genres, includingrepparttar 113407 tea rose,repparttar 113408 sweetheart rose andrepparttar 113409 spray rose. The nearly 120 arrays of roses that retailers commonly carry contain all shades ofrepparttar 113410 spectrum, such as those ofrepparttar 113411 red, pink, purple, orange, coral, peach and white families. The style of growth, as well as color, may differ from type to type. For example, tea roses will open from three to four inches, with stems spanning 12 to 30 inches in length; whereasrepparttar 113412 stems of spray roses may contain several flowers each.

Flowers Say "I Love You"

Written by Marguerite Bonneville

Some people dismiss flowers as old-fashioned, butrepparttar truth is that, in general, women adore them, and men are secretly pleased and flattered when someone presents them with a stylish arrangement or a flower gift basket. If you see yourself as a romantic person, find excuses to give flowers as often as possible.

Flowers are such a vibrant expression of Nature's beauty that it's rare to find a single human being who doesn't respond to them. Not only do they come in every color ofrepparttar 113387 rainbow, fromrepparttar 113388 most vibrant purples torepparttar 113389 subtlest of pastels, but their shapes vary dramatically, fromrepparttar 113390 sculptured beauty of a rose torepparttar 113391 cartoon-like forms ofrepparttar 113392 bird of paradise andrepparttar 113393 sunflower. And as well as stimulating our visual senses, their scents arerepparttar 113394 source of every perfume in existence.

You can give flowers for any occasion. A dozen long-stemmed red roses will always say 'I love you' no matter how much we might consider them a cliché. Daisies and gerberas, especially those in electric colors, will brighten anyone's day. And a single boxed rose can be as welcome a gift as a large or expensive flower gift basket.

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