The Magic of Article Syndication

Written by Brian Holte

Whatsrepparttar deal with promoting your ebook using article syndication anyways?

Maybe your having a hard time generating traffic for your ebook related site?

Are traffic exchanges bringing in traffic but causing your conversion rates to be lower than they should be?

How many of you rely on search engine traffic to bring you business?

Youíve put in many long hours to get your ebook site to be as search engine friendly as possible.

The free targted traffic your getting fromrepparttar 108410 search engines is impressive, than one day you wake up, check your stats and notice a dramatic decrease in hits.

Oh, oh, you've been dropped by Google

You place your hands on your face and ask yourself;

ďWhat am I going to do, 70% of my traffic is gone?Ē

Have you ever thought of creating a back-up traffic system just in case for some freak reason your ebook site got dropped fromrepparttar 108411 search engines?

Itís been well documented thatrepparttar 108412 majority of your traffic comes fromrepparttar 108413 search engines

Have you ever thought ofrepparttar 108414 benefits that article syndication could bring to your ebook?

If youíve found your niche market and itís grown to be a passionate subject for you, you should have no problem in publishing compelling articles.

Itís very rewarding whenrepparttar 108415 time comes and you see your name in print,repparttar 108416 feeling (for me anyways) was pretty cool.

Diagnosis Unknown

Written by Randy Davis

Diagnosis Unknown

Diagnosis Unknown is a heart-felt love story of courage and persistence that finally paid off. This is a book about one couple's journey to find a cure for a mysterious, chronic health problem,repparttar labyrinth of medical doctors they went through. If you have a health crisis, having this book is like having a friend. Or if

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