The Magic Number

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Having published a Newsletter for over 6 years we've learned a few "tricks". Probablyrepparttar most important one is that people want to get their information as quickly as possible. They are not willing to wade through tomes of information, no matter how well written, to getrepparttar 124420 ideas presented inrepparttar 124421 article.

If two identical newsletters are published, except one has a rather long article, andrepparttar 124422 other has a condensed version ofrepparttar 124423 same article, there will be a disproportionate number of "unsubscribes" fromrepparttar 124424 first, and few, if any, fromrepparttar 124425 second. This has got to tell us all something.

The magic number, we have found, is 750 words or less.

Personally, I try to keep allrepparttar 124426 articles I write (and publish in our Newsletters) under that magic number. If I let my fingers get away from me, and have exceeded that magic number, I take a long hard look atrepparttar 124427 article. Nine times out of ten, it can either be shortened or made into two articles.

Most modern word processors have a word count feature. As you are developing your article, if you check this on a regular basis, you can achieverepparttar 124428 desired size without having to go back and rewrite it.

The second, and equally important "trick" is to word wrap at 65 characters per line. If you don't, people may receive your article in a format that is very difficult to read. Many mail packages default to 65 characters per line, while others default to a higher number.

The Poop Patrol

Written by Bob Osgoodby

If you live in a closed community, such as a condo or residential community, you know whatrepparttar term "Poop Patrol" means. These are your self appointed protectors, who are constantly onrepparttar 124419 alert for any infraction ofrepparttar 124420 rules of their community. Hang a towel on your railing - bang - you're busted. If you own a pet, you can be sure thatrepparttar 124421 "Poop Patrol" is watching you.

Well,repparttar 124422 Internet has its' own version ofrepparttar 124423 "Poop Patrol", and anyone who actively sends email overrepparttar 124424 Internet, has probably run into them at least once. This is a fact of life. I had my service canceled for an infraction I didn't even commit. Another Newsletter had published my "Internet Tip ofrepparttar 124425 Week" column, and a "Patroller" sent a barrage of emails to every ISP he could find inrepparttar 124426 Newsletter - my email address was atrepparttar 124427 end ofrepparttar 124428 article, and he sent numerous complaints to my ISP. I was cancelled, and althoughrepparttar 124429 account was ultimately reinstated, I learned a big lesson.

There are some people whose "holy grail" is reporting people as spammers, and I guessrepparttar 124430 only kick they get out of life, is to getrepparttar 124431 service of one of their "targets" discontinued. They seem to get pleasure out of hurting other people. I call these peoplerepparttar 124432 "Poop Patrol" ofrepparttar 124433 Internet.

Face it - professional spammers do not use their local ISP. They rent a virtual server for about a hundred bucks a month, forgerepparttar 124434 return address, and spam to their hearts content. Only rank amateurs spam using their ISP. You know them - they arerepparttar 124435 ones who send you an email and show yourepparttar 124436 address of everyone they sent it to.

So how do you protect yourself if you do send out bulk email such as a Newsletter? While there is no magic formula, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

First - never, ever (and that is a very long time) send out bulk email from your primary ISP, especially if you have web pages on their server. If they cancel your service, you will also lose all your web pages.

Second - provide a way to easily allow people to remove themselves from your mailing list. This is where a List Server comes in very handy. If you notifyrepparttar 124437 people who are on your list how to unsubscribe, this more or less takes you offrepparttar 124438 hook.

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