The Magic Button That Earns $3,546 or more

Written by Ron Pioneer

Ever wonder how a "guru" earns $3,546 or more just by pressing a button?

The first thing a newbie learns when landing onrepparttar Internet is that it is full of hype. Hype this. Hype that. But when you cut throughrepparttar 118221 hype, there is one simple truth. If you want to make real money onrepparttar 118222 Internet, you have to build an opt-in list.

This isrepparttar 118223 simple truthrepparttar 118224 gurus understand. They are, after all, gurus. They are not wizards, nor magicians. They know that making money onrepparttar 118225 Internet is a very simple mathematical equation. A small opt-in list equals candlelight dinners inrepparttar 118226 basement rec room, savouring macaroni and cheese in front ofrepparttar 118227 TV. A big, bulging opt-in list equals candlelight dinners at Chez Ritz, enjoying baked brie and filet mignon while overlookingrepparttar 118228 lake.

That's whyrepparttar 118229 gurus earn so much money.

But just what is an opt-in list? Simply put, it is a list of email addresses belonging to people who have given you permission to send them messages. Anything else is spam. Make sure your list is opt-in.

What kind of lists do people opt-in to? All kinds and all topics - from grasshopper recipes to hotwiring space shuttles. But if you really want to make it work, you need to create a newsletter (probably on a topic with wider appeal than hotwiring space shuttles!).

Why? Consider Madam B. (not her real name, byrepparttar 118230 way) She sells beauty and cosmetics, and she was frustrated because so few people were signing up to receive "updates on new products". Would you sign up? Only if you have already purchased from her a few times, making you one of her few extremely loyal customers.

Onrepparttar 118231 other hand, suppose you were offeredrepparttar 118232 chance to sign up for a "free weekly beauty tip", which is what we advised her to do. Now she hasrepparttar 118233 chance to pick up prospects who have never bought from her, who will read her weekly beauty tip, and - this isrepparttar 118234 juicy part - they will buy many ofrepparttar 118235 "featured products ofrepparttar 118236 week" highlighted withrepparttar 118237 weekly beauty tip.

There is a second reason you want your opt-in list to be a newsletter, not just a product announcement. The newsletter builds trust and is read. If all your subscribers see are sales pitches, their level of trust sink lower thanrepparttar 118238 lost city of Atlantis. And we all buy from people we trust, not from underwater snake oil vendors.

In fact, if your emails are just sales pitches, why would anybody bother opening them? You have to build a strong relationship with your subscribers, so put as much of your own personality into it and write your text so that you speak directly to them.

If you have good quality content in your newsletter, your subscribers will open your emails, they will read them, they will buy and you will make money. Notice I said "quality", not "quantity". Inrepparttar 118239 example above, it need only be a one-paragraph beauty tip. You don't have to spend all weekend composing an article as long as this. Same applies for investing tips, auto care tips, nutrition tips, evil magician tips, or whatever. Quality keeps them reading and ready to buy.

Good Soup?

Written by Valerie Garner

Good Soup?

If you want to get rave reviews on any soup you make,repparttar first element is to make sure your loved one first has a long, steady diet of military food. Here’s our story:

When my husband and I were first married, he was inrepparttar 118220 military and had lived for months off of military food. We purchased a small trailer, while waiting for it to be delivered and hooked up, we lived with another young military couple for a few weeks.

All 4 ofrepparttar 118221 young adults in this household had many responsibilities and lots going on with life, sorepparttar 118222 housekeeping end of things were pretty lax. One evening we all pitched in and started cleaning. There was a pan that had several days old, dried macaroni and cheese stuck all overrepparttar 118223 pan. The husband toldrepparttar 118224 wife to put hot soapy water in it and let it soak.

The following day, she and I both hadrepparttar 118225 morning off, so we went to do laundry atrepparttar 118226 local laundromat. We came home after lunch to find a note from our husband’s saying, “Thanks forrepparttar 118227 good soup.” We looked at each other and asked, “What soup?” Neither of us could figure it out, so just figuredrepparttar 118228 guys must be loosing it, and shrugged it off.

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