The Macro View

Written by Chris Small

If you're reading this article chances are excellent that you are looking at, or participating inrepparttar opportunity side ofrepparttar 119108 WWW. The web is still in it's infancy (OK maybe it's a Toddler by now), and who ever can stake their claim right now will continue to flourish well intorepparttar 119109 next millennium. The successful cyber entrepreneur of today could berepparttar 119110 equivalent torepparttar 119111 Rockefeller's, Vanderbilt's, Kennedy's, Getty's, Ford's, (etc.) of yesteryear.

Lets step out ofrepparttar 119112 micro view for a moment and consider repparttar 119113 macro view. This Internet revolution has been compared torepparttar 119114 impact that Edison's light bulb or Fords Model T had onrepparttar 119115 world. Some have even said thatrepparttar 119116 Internet is bigger thanrepparttar 119117 invention of TV or radio. From each of these discoveries have come fantastic opportunities. Complete Industries have sprung up from them. Mammoth fortunes have been made as a result of them. But you really can't comparerepparttar 119118 Internet to them. These inventions fall far short ofrepparttar 119119 impact thatrepparttar 119120 Internet (as we know it today) will have on mankind.

A closer comparison would be that of Gutenburg's printing press orrepparttar 119121 Industrial revolution. You could even compare repparttar 119122 computer age andrepparttar 119123 Internet (as we know it today) to repparttar 119124 transformation of early man from a hunter/gatherer to a sower/reaper. Face it, we are living in a pivotal point in human history. We arerepparttar 119125 privileged few who haverepparttar 119126 opportunity to capitalize onrepparttar 119127 greatest technological revolution that this world has ever seen.

We can observe that historically these revolutions happened overrepparttar 119128 course of decades and in some cases centuries. As we all know,repparttar 119129 Internet revolution is evolving at a dizzying pace. What we see today can be history next year or even next week. Five years from nowrepparttar 119130 Internet will be quite different than most of us can imagine. Where it eventually leads is probably not even clear torepparttar 119131 brightest minds of today. However, we are seeingrepparttar 119132 results of this change in our lifetimes.

Certainly nobody realized that they were inrepparttar 119133 midst of a dramatic historical shift when man discoveredrepparttar 119134 flint and steel, but change they did. We, today haverepparttar 119135 advantage of all of mans previous experiences and hopefully are much better able to predictrepparttar 119136 consequences of this next transition. We do understand that it is a significant change, but it may not be apparent how significant untilrepparttar 119137 historians have interpreted it decades or possibly centuries from now.

OK, back to our micro view again. What should we do? Wait it out and see what happens? Not very wise. When combustion engine farm machinery came alongrepparttar 119138 land owner who didn't have it, couldn't compete and usually lost everything. He may have owned huge tracts of land but he could no longer afford to pay workers to farm it when his neighbor used a tractor. Likewise many of todays business's (and their employees) stand to be bowled over by this digital tidal wave. We need to position ourselves as a surfer who is equipped to riderepparttar 119139 wave. We must embrace, it and likerepparttar 119140 surfing enthusiast that is always looking forrepparttar 119141 'really big one', be ready to jump inrepparttar 119142 water at a moments notice. As they say 'He who hesitates, waits...'

Whenever major new innovations came along they were generally available only torepparttar 119143 elite and not torepparttar 119144 common person. When Gutenburg's printing presses started uprepparttar 119145 average Joe onrepparttar 119146 street had no access torepparttar 119147 end product. Whenrepparttar 119148 first few cars rolled off of Fords assembly lines they were not initially attainable torepparttar 119149 masses (although that was his dream and mission). Butrepparttar 119150 Internet today is available to more people than were alive atrepparttar 119151 time ofrepparttar 119152 first printed book. The Internet today is touching more people than had lived up to and includingrepparttar 119153 time of Christ. The Internet today has affectedrepparttar 119154 lives of future generations to come in a profound way that we will only be able to understand after repparttar 119155 fact.

The importance of ‘keeping the customer satisfied’ in the Web Hosting industry

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The web hosting industry is one ofrepparttar most competitive industries onrepparttar 119107 Internet today. Web hosts are constantly thinking of new advertising campaigns inrepparttar 119108 hope of attracting more interest to their company; and, hence to attract more customers. While this is an important goal for any web host it is just as important to recognize and valuerepparttar 119109 customers you already have.

Put your customer needs first – Acknowledge your customers’ feedback and then do something about it; make sure there is a place on your web site or in your control panel for customers to make remarks or offer suggestions about your services or products. Use these suggestions to improve your company. Even if you receive negative feedback, use this feedback positively; it’s better to fix customer concerns as soon as possible to benefit your company’s success inrepparttar 119110 long run.

Provide staff management training – Web hosts can say they have reliable staff and offer support aroundrepparttar 119111 clock. Though behindrepparttar 119112 scenesrepparttar 119113 story is very different; try to accomplish what you preach, it is no use to anyone having staff with bad organizational skills and poor communication skills? Having a clear vision of your company’s goals, providing regular training and being involved with your staff, will contribute greatly to efficiently managing your business.

Offer fast and reliable support – If there is something going critically wrong with a web site, customers can’t be sitting around for days waiting to get their problems solved. Any critical support requests should be answered in just a matter of an hour or two; and, any other requests should be responded to in no more than 24 hours. Hosts should be offering aroundrepparttar 119114 clock support, especially if their market is global.

Reliable support is also crucial. The most common complaint that people have with their web hosting companies is that, sure they get their support requests answered fast but, their host has either not fixed their problem properly or they have no idea whatrepparttar 119115 support team are talking about, too technical. Many people don’t understand allrepparttar 119116 terminology of website hosting, support staff need to be trained in good communication skills too.

When receiving a support request it is much better to make surerepparttar 119117 client’s problem has been fixed properly, make sure your support staff test everything they fix! Not only will you find that you will be receiving less support requests, but your clients will be a lot happier also. One advantage to happy clients is, more referrals!

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