The MLM Dilemma

Written by Steve Lowell

Copyright 2005 Steve Lowell

Does this sound familiar...?

You have taken ALL ofrepparttar company training, listened torepparttar 138809 tapes, recorded phone calls and live conference calls, read allrepparttar 138810 company materials and triedrepparttar 138811 products. You bought some inventory, made business cards, set uprepparttar 138812 web site thatrepparttar 138813 company provided for you.

You have purchased leads, set up an e-mail campaign and told everyone you know about your awesome company,repparttar 138814 cutting edge products andrepparttar 138815 lucrative compensation were exited, motivated, dedicated, enthusiastic, positive and committed and yet...your results are dismal.

If all of that sound familiar, I have news for are one ofrepparttar 138816 roughly 95% of people in MLM that have been completely wasting your time, money and infinitely more important...your life! Keep reading...there IS hope!!

I know that there are people in your company who are doing well...making tons of money...but here'srepparttar 138817 question...can you REALLY duplicate what they are doing??

What is it thatrepparttar 138818 people who are on top have that you don't have? Well, there's bad news...and there's good news!

The bad news is that if you were to take a close look atrepparttar 138819 top performers in your company, you might notice a few things such as:

1. They have above average communication skills. They can walk into a room or stand in front of an audience and command attention. They just have that skill. Most people can't do that! In fact,repparttar 138820 number one fear in North America is public speaking!

2. Maybe they are able to work 22.5 hours per day without sleeping. Some people just haverepparttar 138821 metabolism that allows them to do far more in a day than others. Most people can't do that either!

3. Maybe they had money to begin with and were able to purchase a position inrepparttar 138822 company which allowed them to maximize their income potential...most people can't do that either!

4. Maybe they are great salespeople. Maybe they don't mind getting 100 rejections in order to recruit one person, but most people can't do that either!

The point is that there are any number of things that allow some people to just outperform others and usually it's because they really do have some quality, characteristic or skill that others just don't have. This allows them to build enormous organizations only a VERY small percentage of those people actually earn themrepparttar 138823 big money, and it's normally people who happen to haverepparttar 138824 same outstanding skills.

After I studied this over many months of failing miserably in MLM...I asked myself this question; ”Whererepparttar 138825 heck does that leave an average guy like me??" That brings us torepparttar 138826 good news!

The good news is that there are people just like me; average people with average skills making a substantial living with Network Marketing, and so can you.

You don't needrepparttar 138827 "gift of gab" or tons of money to buy your position and you don't need to work 22.5 hours per day or to withstand an onslaught of rejection. So what doesrepparttar 138828 average person need to make a fortune in Network Marketing?

You need only two things:

1. A System that can be duplicated by anyone 2. Education as to how to properly deploy that system

The system can be either automated or not as long asrepparttar 138829 process takesrepparttar 138830 prospect through specific steps and brings them to a point where they can decide weather or not they are interested in seeing more.

TRAFFIC GENERATION ~ The Number One Skill That Will Generate Cash Flow. (Part 1 of 3)

Written by Ron Hutton

Copyright 2005 Ron Hutton

If you're feeling a bit of confusion and frustration about how to get visitors to your website and generate more sales, I know exactly how you feel. I feltrepparttar same way until I stopped listening to every "big time" marketer that came along withrepparttar 138808 latest traffic generating trick.

You've got dozens of gurus vying for your attention and every one of them hasrepparttar 138809 solution to all of your problems. Right? The proliferation of messages that promise a traffic explosion using new techniques can become overwhelming.

Time out.

Take a deep breath.

Sit back in your chair.


Now, if you will focus your energy on a very short list of traffic generation strategies that actually DO work, and commit to continually improving your skills in these few areas, you will be amazed at what you can achieve... WILL achieve.

Websites come in a wide variety of flavors, including... - Minisites designed to sell individual products - Portal sites designed to sell a broad selection of products - Content sites designed to provide information

Ofrepparttar 138810 above site species (minisites, portal sites and content sites), which do you think hasrepparttar 138811 best chance of selling a product and putting income in your bank account?

ANSWER: Minisites.

Let's talk about web traffic.

Imagine 5 different internet users going to Google, MSN, Yahoo or whatever their favorite search engine happened to be, and each individual enters one ofrepparttar 138812 following search queries:

Search #1: hazards

Search #2: household hazards

Search #3: chemical household hazards

Search #4: chemical household hazards for infants

Search #5: protecting infants from chemical household hazards

If you had a website that sold a device that guaranteedrepparttar 138813 safety of infants by locking cabinets containing hazardous household chemicals, which ofrepparttar 138814 above visitors do you think would be most likely to buy what you're selling? I know. I hear you. "That's pretty obvious, Ron."

We want internet user #5 most. We may also want #3 and #4. Do we want #1 and #2? Maybe... Maybe not. The answer to that is going to depend on what it takes to get them to our site. But before we attempt to answer that question, HERE'S SOMETHING CRITICAL...

My Question to You: "If you were assured that you could get visitor #5 to your website, where would you send them?"

Let's say that your website had a variety of home safety products available. You sell everything from fire extinguishers to first aid kits to carbon monoxide detectors to child safe locks.

Your site's home page has just a little bit of information on each of your home safety product lines. Would you send visitor #5 to your home page?


Since visitor #5 just did a search for "protecting infants from chemical household hazards", would you have better results by sending them directly and immediately torepparttar 138815 web page where they can order your device that guaranteesrepparttar 138816 safety of their child from chemical household hazards?

Please don't think that I'm trying to insult your intelligence. I'm not. It's just that I have received correspondence from other direct marketers online concerned aboutrepparttar 138817 low sales of their websites only to find out that whenever that person sent traffic to their site,repparttar 138818 traffic was going to their home page rather than to a page that spoke directly torepparttar 138819 needs and desires ofrepparttar 138820 visitor.

Alrighty then? Traffic time.

There are only 3 ways to get traffic to your website: 1) Buy it. 2) Borrow it. 3) Steal it.

Since #3 is not an option we're going to consider, that leaves us with "buy it" and "borrow it".

Before we go any further, let's talk aboutrepparttar 138821 "Holy Grail" of web traffic. What is it? FREE TRAFFIC! I want it. You want it. Every disillusioned internet marketer wants it.

Here'srepparttar 138822 truth...

It's a myth.

It doesn't exist.

There is no such thing as free website traffic.

"Ya but Ron, what if I could be #1 in Google for 'Internet Marketing' or 'Website Tools'?"

If you were able to get there or anywhere close, what would be required? What investment in time and resources would be required to land a prized spot such as this? Would you be able to get there for free? Furthermore, how long would you stay there?

Let's face it, neither Google, Yahoo, Altavista nor MSN wants any individual to be able to controlrepparttar 138823 results of their search engines. That's why they spend millions upon millions of dollars every year taking steps to ensure that nobody hasrepparttar 138824 knowledge to control all ofrepparttar 138825 top positions.

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