The Lure of Easy Money

Written by Elena Fawkner

The Lure of Easy Money

© 2002 Elena Fawkner

You might be forgiven for thinking that competition is fierce if you run an online business. After all, every day - day in, day out - you, me and everyone else is constantly bombarded by offers from every man and his dog for various programs that promise usrepparttar means to earn an income from home.

After a while, of course, you begin to recognize that these programs are not worthrepparttar 117548 paper they're written on andrepparttar 117549 people pushing them are little more than con artists (or worse).

A common theme in all of these offers isrepparttar 117550 lack of effort required to begin making a significant income. Witness all repparttar 117551 "Make money while you sleep!", "We do allrepparttar 117552 work!", "$3,000 per week for two hours work!", "Big money, no experience required!" subject lines in your inbox this morning.

The reason these types of offers are so prevalent, of course, is thatrepparttar 117553 notion of something for nothing is seductive. Who on earth in their right mind would actually choose to spend 40 hours per week working for $80,000 per year when they can earnrepparttar 117554 same amount working only 2 hours each week? No one. The only problem is, working 2 hours a week and making $80K isn't going to happen unless that two hours is spent managing your multi-million dollar portfolio. And even then you'd most likely be spending more than a lousy couple of hours a week.

Common sense tells us that this must be so. But common sense is a rare commodity inrepparttar 117555 real world and even rarer when it comes to anything to do withrepparttar 117556 Internet, an unreal world if ever there was one.

There are a LOT of people running so-called "Internet businesses". A goodly proportion of these people arerepparttar 117557 ones toutingrepparttar 117558 aforementioned "bizopp" pipedreams. This is good news for you, believe it or not. Why? Because, despite how it may sometimes seem, your REAL competition is relatively small in number. After all, if 98% of those doing business online are unsuccessful (and promoting get rich quick schemes isrepparttar 117559 best way I know to make it into that elite group of 98 percenters), that leavesrepparttar 117560 field wide open for repparttar 117561 2% who are actually prepared to do some real work.


Written by Jennifer Johnson

When wasrepparttar last time you received *great* customer service? Last month? Last year? The early 80’s?

It seems these days many businesses simply don’t place a high priority on customer service. It’s evident fromrepparttar 117547 kid atrepparttar 117548 drive-thru who thrusts your food at you without so much as grunting “thanks” torepparttar 117549 major corporation who assures you repeatedly during your 35 minute wait on hold, “Your call is very important to us.”

Customer service just isn’t what it should be; it’s true in day-to-day life and it’s true onrepparttar 117550 Web.

If poor customer service can drive potential customers away, it stands to reason that great customer service could berepparttar 117551 competitive advantage needed to garner more sales.

What’srepparttar 117552 current state of your customer service? Takerepparttar 117553 following short quiz and perhaps you’ll discover a few areas that are in need of improvement.

Question 1: How easy is it for your web visitors to contact you?

Shame on you if you’re one ofrepparttar 117554 many Internet businesses that make their visitors search for contact information.

Your contact information should be one click away from any page in your site. It’s easy as pie to accomplish, simply include it after your copyright notice atrepparttar 117555 bottom of your page or include a link to your “Contact Us” page on all other pages in your site.

Question 2: How many means of communication do you offer?

Minimum, list your email address and phone number. Consider listing your postal address, FAX number, and/or toll-free number as well.

You also haverepparttar 117556 option of setting up a form sorepparttar 117557 customer can quickly type his or her question or comment and submit it.

Sign up for one ofrepparttar 117558 “live help”-type services, such as HumanClick . These types of services allow you to chat in real-time with your site visitors.

Question 3: What’s your response time on email inquiries?

Answering email within 24 hours is much more likely to net you a customer than a delayed response time will.

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