The Lowly Vinyl Banner is happy to take your abuse

Written by Rick Hendershot, M.A.

Inrepparttar hierarchy of advertising and promotional media,repparttar 124442 lowly Vinyl Banner has to be one ofrepparttar 124443 most under-rated of them all. Often viewed as a temporary substitute for a real sign, or a cheap backdrop when you can't afford something better, vinyl banners rarely gets their due.

As with most things, changes in technology have had a big impact onrepparttar 124444 vinyl banner. Just four or five years ago if you wanted a durable and weather-resistant banner,repparttar 124445 production guy had two choices. He could either print them one color at a time using a silk screen process, or he could generate self-adhesive letters and manually stick them down onrepparttar 124446 vinyl backing. The limitations of both these processes are pretty obvious. They are both time-consuming, amateurish, and usually too expensive. Including company logos, photographs, or special typefaces could only be done with much work and considerable expense.

Until recently graphic designers and advertising people —repparttar 124447 creative types who like pretty pictures and exciting graphics — these people have been effectively shut out from producing economical vinyl banners for their clients.

Digital Revolution has brought changes

The "digital revolution" has changed all that. Printing machines are now available that can print directly on outdoor (and indoor) grade vinyl in stunningly beautiful full color. That means a graphic designer can takerepparttar 124448 same files she uses for her client's magazine ad or company brochure, blow them up, and print them directly on a piece of vinyl.

As a result,repparttar 124449 catalog of available vinyl materials that can be printed on has exploded inrepparttar 124450 last three or four years, andrepparttar 124451 printing process has been perfected torepparttar 124452 point where you can now print an beautiful full color image on a piece of virtually untearable vinyl with durable inks that will not weather or fade for many years.

Bad News Into Benefit: Book Promotion Success

Written by M. LaVora Perry

Turning Bad News Into Benefit by M. LaVora Perry You have permission to post this article on your Web site or in your e-zine provided thatrepparttar bylines are included. A notice is appreciated to

Inrepparttar 124441 early Fall of 2003 I askedrepparttar 124442 head children’s room librarian in a Cleveland suburb “Why did you decide not to carry my book, Taneesha’s Treasures ofrepparttar 124443 Heart, in your library system?” She answered, “It has awkward sentence structure, is too preachy and has too much going on between Buddhism and diabetes. Children won't like it. We don't carry those kinds of books."

With each of her words my stomach knotted into a tighter ball. In less than a minuterepparttar 124444 librarian had precisely articulated my worst fear about myself as a writer—I'm no good.

Allrepparttar 124445 people who told me they loved my story and that reading it uplifted them and their children were either lying to keep from hurting my feelings or didn't know quality writing from junk. That's what I told myself. Although I had appeared onrepparttar 124446 Tavis Smiley Show on National Public Radio to discuss Taneesha’s Treasures ofrepparttar 124447 Heart only weeks after it was published, althoughrepparttar 124448 largest school and librarian systems in Ohio (Cleveland) both picked uprepparttar 124449 book with high praise, and althoughrepparttar 124450 Cleveland Municipal School District putrepparttar 124451 book on their reading list,repparttar 124452 rejection byrepparttar 124453 suburban children's room librarian bummed me out.

Maybe I was especially bummed because one ofrepparttar 124454 things I'd been praying for overrepparttar 124455 previous several months was for Taneesha's Treasures ofrepparttar 124456 Heart to be in libraries acrossrepparttar 124457 United States.

So I prayed and sought guidance. My biggest obstacle was how could I haverepparttar 124458 heart to tell folks to read my story if it stank? I self-published my book usingrepparttar 124459 services of a co-publisher. I had poured my life into gettingrepparttar 124460 book noticed. After speaking torepparttar 124461 librarian I wondered, “Have I blown my retirement money and invested hours of time and energy for nothing?”

I called Cindy Carlson of Chicago, who is an appointed leader inrepparttar 124462 Buddhist organization to which I belong—Soka Gakkai International (SGI)-USA. “Cindy,repparttar 124463 librarian said this and she said that,” I moaned. “What if she’s right? What if my book’s no good?”

Cindy reminded me that Taneesha's Treasures ofrepparttar 124464 Heart gave people a positive feeling. Sorepparttar 124465 question was not was it good, but did it create value? She said it definitely did so based on readers’ reactions to it. She saidrepparttar 124466 book didn't have to be perfect to be value creative.

Then I called my friend here in Cleveland, Barb Jenkins, who is an appointed SGI-USA leader as well. “Barb,” I told her, “I feel like a fake. I feel like I have no business even trying to be a writer.” She said, “LaVora, why are you letting one negative voice drown out a chorus of positive ones?”

Barb asked me to face my funky inner demons. She helped me see thatrepparttar 124467 librarian was showing me my weakness/doubt/lack of faith in my Buddha nature—my highest self. It was that self-doubt that I needed to defeat.

Through prayer andrepparttar 124468 words of those two wise women, I came to realize that as a writer I certainly hope Taneesha's Treasures ofrepparttar 124469 Heart isrepparttar 124470 worst book I ever write. Goodness knows I plan on writing untilrepparttar 124471 day I drop; so if I've hit my peak with my first book, I'm in trouble.

That's not my plan. I aim to continuously develop and learn my craft. So Taneesha—as well and widely as she is being received—is justrepparttar 124472 beginning. Not only that, butrepparttar 124473 simple truth is not everybody is going to like what I write. Big deal. I don't like everything I read of other folks' writing either. I need to become so wise and strong that neither praise nor criticism sway me from my original goal.

My intention fromrepparttar 124474 start was to sell millions of books, and to thereby inspire all kinds of people. So I renewed my determination and offered this prayer: “I will do what I came into this world to do—no matter what.” Then I stepped on and continued hold nothing back in my efforts to get my book recognized and read.

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