The Lost Treasure Returns

Written by Mike Moore

The Lost Treasure Mike Moore

About fifteen years ago I hadrepparttar pleasure of teaching a young woman who was one ofrepparttar 124005 most gifted high school seniors I have ever met. Not only was she brilliant in Math and Science, but she was also extremely talented inrepparttar 124006 visual arts. She could draw and paint beautifully. When Audrey graduated from university she did so with two degrees, one in fine arts and one in biochemistry. Not too many people shine brilliantly in two such different areas of study. She was gifted.

Just before her highschool graduation Audrey presented me with a wonderful gift. It was a water colour painting of a mother and her infant. A tear fell fromrepparttar 124007 mother’s eye as she looked lovingly at her precious child. Beneathrepparttar 124008 painting Audrey had written these words: “The love of God becomes real when, through me, it touches another.” What a beautiful gift from such a sensitive, talented woman. I immediately hadrepparttar 124009 piece of art framed and hung in my office.

Years passed with many moves from one office to another. Somewhere inrepparttar 124010 process of changing locations I lostrepparttar 124011 painting ofrepparttar 124012 mother and child. I had no idea how I lost it or where it was and had given up hope of ever seeing it again.

Last year, after about eight years of not knowing where my treasured painting was, I received a phone call from a former colleague who said she had something of mine she thought I would like returned. It wasrepparttar 124013 picture Audrey had painted for me 15 years earlier. In cleaning out a storage room she had discovered my gift. I promise I won’t lose it a second time


Written by Sharon Dalton Williams

Whether or not you follow baseball, I’m sure you’ve heard of repparttar New York Yankees baseball team. This team wonrepparttar 124004 World Series three years in a row in 1998, 1999, and 2000, in addition torepparttar 124005 many other wins from years past.

The baseball playoffs were played during October, 2001. The Yankees made it torepparttar 124006 playoffs because of their winning record duringrepparttar 124007 season. The first hurdle they had to get over in order to play inrepparttar 124008 2001 World Series wasrepparttar 124009 American League Championship.

Whenrepparttar 124010 American League Championship started,repparttar 124011 first two games were played at Yankee Stadium. Teams rarely won on Yankees’ home turf. Butrepparttar 124012 Yankees lostrepparttar 124013 first two games ofrepparttar 124014 league championship.

The odds were not inrepparttar 124015 Yankees’ favor. They had lostrepparttar 124016 first two games, and they were headed to another stadium in front of other fans to continue play. Some ofrepparttar 124017 sports news coming out already hadrepparttar 124018 Yankees losingrepparttar 124019 league championship. A number of teams at this juncture would have given up hope of winning.

I found it interesting that whenever Yankee players were interviewed, never once did they even hint that they might lose. They looked back over their season record. They looked around atrepparttar 124020 caliber of their fellow players. They looked inside themselves. All they talked about was how they were going to win.

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