The Lore And Beauty Of Turquoise

Written by Lee Dobbins

Turquoise has been sought after for centuries for itís beauty and healing powers. Well known for itís uses in Native American jewelry and carvings, it has been used for centuries and dates back to ancient Egypt as evidenced by turquoise jewelry found inrepparttar ancient Egyptian tombs.

This popular stone can range in color from vivid sky blue to a yellowish green color and is found in mines all overrepparttar 135831 world. Although quite porous in nature, most turquoise has been stabilized for use in modern jewelry which renders it less apt to chip and protects it from discoloration due to exposure from body oils. Turquoise can be strung as beads, carved into animal fetishes and combined with a variety of other stones to make striking handmade jewelry.

Turquoise gem stones are reputed to have powerful healing properties. This stone is said to help with public speaking as well as enhance calmness and creativity. The wearer of turquoise my also notice improved wisdom and honesty as well as a new sense of empathy. It has also been used to help enhance relationships, strengthenrepparttar 135832 bond in friendships and allow one to have a better connection with their inner self. Itís healing properties are associated withrepparttar 135833 respiratory, skeletal and digestive systems and has long been used to cleanserepparttar 135834 body of toxins.

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