The Long Way Home

Written by Gary Layton

Anyone who has embarked onrepparttar long journey involved in building any type of business can relate horror stories concerningrepparttar 117818 difficulties and problems they faced. Then they can tell you about allrepparttar 117819 money they spent,repparttar 117820 time it took andrepparttar 117821 small return they experienced asrepparttar 117822 end result.

Let's face it, doing something like that is a real job fraught with all sorts of pitfalls and hazards.

Does it have to be that way? No it does not. There are some basic rules and procedures a person needs to know about if they are to make a success of any type business. Now here is a real problem. Where can a person find these rules and procedures, gain a clear understanding of them and how to apply them to best effect?

There are hundreds of online business and marketing gurus onrepparttar 117823 web. Just take their word for it they are there. How do you know? Well, they tell you so and try to get you to sign-up with some rinky-dink program of their invention which will make you rich if only you will follow their advice and use their system. Don't be fooled my friend. The serious and ethical business building services onrepparttar 117824 web do not work that way. A serious business helper invites you to describe your idea, product or service and then offers a consultation on a way or ways to go in building your business and market your products or services. They do this for free and also assure you, in writing if necessary, thatrepparttar 117825 information you are passing to them belongs to you and will advise you onrepparttar 117826 steps to take to protect that information.

Before we go any further along this very long road, let's stop a minute, take a deep breath and think about some ofrepparttar 117827 things you need to build or improve your online business. First you had better come up with some hard cash or other dependable source of money to pay for those services you will need just to get started. What are these things? Wellrepparttar 117828 list below identifies some of them,repparttar 117829 ones we should call essential online business tools.

1. A modern, fast computer with a large hard drive capacity and sufficient memory to dorepparttar 117830 job.

2. A fast and reliable Internet connection and a reliable ISP. For efficiency you should have a dedicated telephone line for your Internet connection.

3. A printer and probably a FAX. A scanner would not hurt.

4. Sufficient knowledge and skill to operate your computer and onrepparttar 117831 Internet.

OK, you have these things. Now what? Well,repparttar 117832 next step is knowing what you may wish to accomplish. Build your dream. Motivate yourself to move ahead. We all want more money, all of us for whatever reason we may have. A new house. A new Car. Travel and vacations. The kid's education. Whatever your dream, solidify it in your mind and visualize it to extreme clarity. Know what you want. I cannot overstressrepparttar 117833 importance of this.

Now you know what it is what you want. How do you get it and makerepparttar 117834 dream come true? Well my friend you plan, organize, work hard and consistently, that is what you do. There are many ways for you to do this. You can attempt to do it on your own. Develop your own products or services, set up a plan and market it torepparttar 117835 world. Wait a minute how do I do that you ask? First of all be sure you know what you are doing. Online marketing is like everything else in life. There are correct ways to do it and wrong ways to do it. Doing it correctly gives yourepparttar 117836 best chance to achieve a measure of success with your efforts.

eBiz 101: A Blue Print For Success!

Written by A.T.Rendon

When did you first discoverrepparttar Internet?

It is a mystery, scary, exciting, fun, an never-ending adventure and daily learning experience.

Whatever reason brought you torepparttar 117817 Internet, personal or business, we soon discover thatrepparttar 117818 Internet is basically about communication. In fact,repparttar 117819 Internet=Communication.

Andrepparttar 117820 foundation of that Communication, is email.

This past Monday, some friends from California came to visit for a few hours.

We had a few drinks, we went to go eat good Mexican food, gotrepparttar 117821 car washed and we talked aboutrepparttar 117822 Internet.

Jack is really sharp when it comes to business but he hasn't fully explored all thatrepparttar 117823 Internet has to offer.

Sandy was curious on a professional level, seeking to tap into nursing sources.

Whether it comes from close friends or from any of our many cyber-friends, it dawned on me thatrepparttar 117824 question is alwaysrepparttar 117825 same, be it personal or for business, everyone wants to know:

"How do you reach that [ certain person]."

Of course, that [ certain person] is, whatever is your niche or target audience.

For Sandy, it would be nurses. Jack, perhaps opportunity seekers. I'm always looking for new subscribers. :-)

Whatever your niche, that becomesrepparttar 117826 focus of your communication. And it determines how and where you seek to fulfill that communication.

ALWAYS without resorting to SPAM. Because it is against Internet rules and because it creates more problems that it can solve.

Basically, once you know your niche market, there are three main ingredients necessary to conduct business online.

A great product or service. A web site that sells. Attract targeted traffic.

A. A great product or service.

What does your niche group need and use? You can compile or create what you offer for sale. Or provide your niche group your services to point them to a great product or service they might very well purchase.

You makerepparttar 117827 commission.

Explore and discover whatrepparttar 117828 competition is offering your niche group and consider affiliating withrepparttar 117829 best of allrepparttar 117830 are out there for you to find.

Try searching Clickbank that offers an excellent system. You providerepparttar 117831 traffic, when someone buys, you getrepparttar 117832 commission straight from ClickBank. No need to worry about if you will really get paid.

B. A web site that sells.

Test, test, test. Review your site for allrepparttar 117833 basics of selling online. Fast loading speeds, easy to navigate, clear, correct spelling and a merchant account.

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Many successful web sites are nothing more than portals, door-ways, to other sites that you can earn a commission from for sending them potential business.

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