The Little Things Increase Your Network Of Influence BIG Time!

Written by Josh Hinds

The other day I got a note from my friend Bob Burg ( letting me know I'd been quoted in Steve Goodier's inspirational ezine ( I'm used to Bob takingrepparttar time to let me know of things like that, or dropping an e-mail of appreciation for little things that which might have otherwise gone unnoticed by most people (myself included in some cases).

However, this time it set me onrepparttar 123892 path of thinking just how powerful what he'd done is. Perhaps more importantly how we might all take a lesson from him and be allrepparttar 123893 better for it.

Let me recountrepparttar 123894 event and I think you'll see where I am coming from. Bob sentrepparttar 123895 e-mail simply to let me know (and as a way to say, congratulations), which I of course appreciated. I sent an e-mail to Steve to thank him for quoting me. Steve wrote back and from our meeting he's agreed to have some of his articles appear in my newsletter.

Potential: Got Any?

Written by Susan James

I have a friend, who just recently discoveredrepparttar beauty of following his heart. This friend is busy, family, work/business allrepparttar 123891 "normal" life stuff, however his life was always full & fun, but still resting onrepparttar 123892 frantic side.

Since he has now chosen something which makes his heart sing, he finds that he is so very focused and so much stuff is getting done in less time !

He maderepparttar 123893 comment to me, that it seems thatrepparttar 123894 "spiritual stuff" leaves out that part. The part of "organization" of ones life.

And I said "no". What you are finding, is that as you focus inwardly, which is what you are doing in following your heart, which is howrepparttar 123895 mind center ofrepparttar 123896 heart operates, then your outer life appears to now be wonderfully and beautifully orchestrated. You are finally doing something for you, that you love doing.

The Spiritual Stuff does not leave that out. That is atrepparttar 123897 Core of it All! So. The Point: As you Live within Your Heart, Your Potential Shows up. And it IS that Simple.

Ok, Fine & Dandy. How do we "get there"? We can begin with Ancient Wisdom.

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