The Little Black Book of Secrets

Written by JD Lumpkin

"The Little Black Book of Secrets" gives parentsrepparttar step by step instructions to set up professional identification files on their children. This ebook explains how to do it with things you probably already have at home. It even explains

Mining The Treasure Chest

Written by B.G. Holte

So you’ve sat down atrepparttar kitchen table, wrote some ideas for an ebook down on paper, found one you liked and thought “Where do I go from here?” The answer is simple, visitrepparttar 108423 forums that relate to your subject. Now don’t get all excited yet young grass hopper, there’s proper protocol you must follow! You can’t just go into a forum and copy and pasterepparttar 108424 information from other peoples post and call it your ebook. That’s a big no, no. “Well than how do I go about it you ask?” How do I getrepparttar 108425 information for my ebook that I need if I can’t just use other peoples knowledge? The answer is you can use other peoples knowledge, but only with permission. When you visitrepparttar 108426 forum get a feel for how everyone posts andrepparttar 108427 “hot topics”. Read and pay attention torepparttar 108428 hot topics and noterepparttar 108429 major complaints of posters (there’s always people complaining). Approachrepparttar 108430 moderator(s) ofrepparttar 108431 forum and ask them for permission to use their forum to gatherrepparttar 108432 information needed for your ebook. All they can do is say no, when you approach them tell themrepparttar 108433 idea for your ebook, your real name, address, and telephone number. The majority of operators will appreciate your honesty and will give you permission and may be willing to help you out even more. Once you get their blessings, you have a lot of information that you will be privy too and that you can actually use. Just talking about this technique makes me drool and you should be drooling too. Can’t you feelrepparttar 108434 excitement? Close your eyes and think aboutrepparttar 108435 huge opportunites that could open up for you. Not only will you have more than enough information to create your original info product but you should be able to create your backend product as well. If you haverepparttar 108436 information available to you why not getrepparttar 108437 consumer from both ends? Your helping them and their filling your bank account, what more could you ask? I used this approach recently with an ebook that I’m creating. Let me explain,repparttar 108438 moderator appreciated my honesty (I even told him and allrepparttar 108439 other members ofrepparttar 108440 forum that I would be charging forrepparttar 108441 ebook.) But before I did this I made one key mistake, one that I learned from. The key is to not just sign up for a forum, ask for information and explain that you would be charging forrepparttar 108442 ebook using only your screen name and

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