The "Lipstick" Sales Factor...

Written by Gary Onks

Lipstick sales are Red-Hot according torepparttar Wall Street Journal and this affects you, your company and your sales.

Whoa, there... How can this be? I don't sell lipstick?

Well, neither do I, butrepparttar 127371 fact is thatrepparttar 127372 "Lipstick Sales Factor" applies to all of us no matter what we are selling. You seerepparttar 127373 reason lipstick sales are offrepparttar 127374 charts right now is because ladies are looking to feel better about themselves and life. This desire is not unique to women, it applies to us men too. Which means it applies to every one of your customers.

We all like to feel good and are constantly looking for a little pick-me-up in life. Even during a recession folks will spend money on any product that brightens their life, improves their condition or lightens their load. This might be a small thing like lipstick forrepparttar 127375 gals or some chow for us guys, but it also applies to any size or price product if it makes us feel good.

Want To Make Sales Fast?..Use The Telephone

Written by Kevin Nunley

If I were to ask you whererepparttar best place to make a sale was, you would probably answerrepparttar 127370 Internet, right? You might be surprised to hear that whilerepparttar 127371 'Net is still going strong, it's not necessarily where you could be pullingrepparttar 127372 bulk of your sales from.

Even thoughrepparttar 127373 Internet is hotter than hot, a lot of major dot-com's are reverting torepparttar 127374 good old telephone to make sales. Their impressive web sites get lots of interested prospects, then use a room of veteran telemarketers to make sales.

These firms are finding they can sell small items onrepparttar 127375 Internet, but they can getrepparttar 127376 bigger sales of $500 to $5,000 with a telephone call. The Internet revolution has only increasedrepparttar 127377 need for telephone marketing. Many ofrepparttar 127378 largest e-commerce sites ask for your phone number, then have a room of expert telephone sales reps call you forrepparttar 127379 big pitch.

Why? Telephone selling works. Here are some simple tips that will boost your effectiveness onrepparttar 127380 phone.

**Try to go directly torepparttar 127381 person who can authorize a purchase for your product or service.

**When you getrepparttar 127382 decision maker onrepparttar 127383 line, jump into a concise statement ofrepparttar 127384 main benefit you can bring her. "We have a new process that can save you 20% on production costs."

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