The Linux File System

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Linux uses a whole different file system philosophy than Windows. Windows automatically assigns a drive letter to every partition and drive it finds. But Linux makes every partition and drive a subdirectory ofrepparttar 107819 root (/) partition. If you are a Windows user, you may get confused when you try to use Linux.

No matter how many partitions, hard drives, or floppy drives your computer has,repparttar 107820 Linux File Manager displays everything in a single directory tree underrepparttar 107821 root directory indicated by a slash (/). Every partition or drive is "mounted" ontorepparttar 107822 directory tree, and appears in File Manager as a subdirectory.

Linux needs at least three partitions to work,repparttar 107823 root partition,repparttar 107824 /boot partition, andrepparttar 107825 swap partition. The root partition is mounted at startup. The root directory itself doesn't contain any files, just subdirectories. The /boot partition contains files used to bootrepparttar 107826 system. The swap partition is used as "virtual memory".

Whenrepparttar 107827 operating system needs more memory than there is available inrepparttar 107828 system's RAM, it can use disk space to emulate memory. Asrepparttar 107829 system operates, data is swapped back and forth between RAM andrepparttar 107830 swap partition. The swap partition doesn't have a mount point because it's a system file and is never accessed directly byrepparttar 107831 user.

Note: Linux,repparttar 107832 Internet, andrepparttar 107833 rest ofrepparttar 107834 computing world use forward slashes to form directory paths. Only Windows uses back-slashes to form directory paths. The back-slash also represents an ASCII escape character, resulting in all kinds of bugs in Windows programs.

In Windows you just insert a floppy disk intorepparttar 107835 drive and it's accessible. With Linux, before you can access devices such as a CD ROM or a floppy drive, you have to "mount"repparttar 107836 drive. For example, to mountrepparttar 107837 floppy drive, insertrepparttar 107838 disk intorepparttar 107839 drive and then select Main Menu | Programs | System | Disk Manager. The "User Mount Tool" utility will appear. Inrepparttar 107840 "User Mount Tool" click onrepparttar 107841 "Mount" button torepparttar 107842 right of /dev/fd0.

When Pesky Programs Won't Go Away

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Are you a shareware junkie? Have you installed and removed many programs from your computer? This can make your computer take longer to start and run sluggish, or even cause reoccurring error messages.

During installation a program copies files torepparttar 107818 applications folder,repparttar 107819 Windows folder, and creates entries inrepparttar 107820 registry. The problem is that when you uninstall a program, it may leave behind pieces of itself and entries inrepparttar 107821 registry. Your hard disk and registry can become bloated.

To solve this problem, Microsoft licensedrepparttar 107822 Install Shield software to establish a standard Install and Uninstall procedure. When you install an application on your computer it copies its own uninstall utility to your hard drive. This Uninstall utility properly removes every piece ofrepparttar 107823 program and removes every entry that it made inrepparttar 107824 registry.

If an application does not automatically install itself, you can install it withrepparttar 107825 Add/Remove Programs utility in Control Panel. When installing an application this utility searchesrepparttar 107826 application for a program named setup.exe. Programs that comply with Microsoft's logo requirement provide a setup program that listsrepparttar 107827 application inrepparttar 107828 Add/Remove Programs list and registers an uninstall utility.

To remove an application from your computer, userepparttar 107829 Add/Remove Programs utility. Just deletingrepparttar 107830 program without usingrepparttar 107831 Add/Remove Programs utility leaves behind pieces ofrepparttar 107832 application and entries inrepparttar 107833 registry.

Unfortunately sometimesrepparttar 107834 Add/Remove Programs utility doesn't work. Eitherrepparttar 107835 application didn't register an uninstall utility, orrepparttar 107836 uninstall utility is not atrepparttar 107837 location indicated inrepparttar 107838 registry. Sometimesrepparttar 107839 uninstall utility can't remove allrepparttar 107840 pieces ofrepparttar 107841 program because they're not atrepparttar 107842 location indicated in its uninstall log.

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