The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Written by Steven N. Ng

The Lighthouse of Alexandria is one ofrepparttar Seven Wonders ofrepparttar 140295 Ancient World. It isrepparttar 140296 most recent Wonder to be built, having been built duringrepparttar 140297 reign of Ptolemy I of Egypt, a commander under Alexanderrepparttar 140298 Great who took over control of Egypt after Alexander's death. Historical records indicate thatrepparttar 140299 Lighthouse was commissioned in 290 B.C. and completed some 2 decades later.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria is alsorepparttar 140300 most well-recorded ofrepparttar 140301 six destroyed members ofrepparttar 140302 Seven Wonders of The Ancient World (the Pyramids of Giza beingrepparttar 140303 only Wonder still standing), since it was still in operation until a serious of earthquakes demolishedrepparttar 140304 structure over a few decades inrepparttar 140305 early 14th century.

Since it survived until so recently,repparttar 140306 writings of many ofrepparttar 140307 travelers who visitedrepparttar 140308 Lighthouse of Alexandria also survived till this day, vividly describing whatrepparttar 140309 Lighthouse looked like and what it was used for.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was built onrepparttar 140310 island of Pharos just offrepparttar 140311 coast of Alexandria, Egypt. As such, it was also commonly known asrepparttar 140312 Pharos Lighthouse. The Lighthouse was designed byrepparttar 140313 famed architect Sostratus, and was so complicated that it took 2 decades to be completed. The best description came fromrepparttar 140314 writings of Arab traveler Abou-Haggag Al-Andaloussi when he visitedrepparttar 140315 Pharos Lighthouse in 1166.

The writings indicated thatrepparttar 140316 structure consisted of 4 main sections. Atrepparttar 140317 bottom was a platform filled with statues that are still being discovered by present-day divers offrepparttar 140318 coast of Alexandria. Some researchers believe that ships docked just off this platform as well.

On top of this platform stood a square structure measuring 18 m (60 ft) on each side and roughly 56 m (184 ft) tall. Inrepparttar 140319 middle of this section is a shaft and stairwell used for transporting material and fuel uprepparttar 140320 Pharos Lighthouse, and for visitors as well. The third section was an eight-sided structure measuring roughly 27 m (90 ft) high. It also contained a similar transportation shaft inrepparttar 140321 middle.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Still Picks The Ports! But The Rest Is Your Call

Written by William Lezubski

When 4-star Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) introduced its innovative “Freestyle” concept in 2000, they ushered in an extraordinary new era, which transformedrepparttar traditional cruise into a unique and far more personal experience. Designed to meetrepparttar 140235 changing needs of today’s discerning cruise passenger, Freestyle Cruising offers guests a truly relaxed, resort-style experience, with perhaps most importantly, complete personal flexibility. There is only one schedule on NCL’s freestyle ships, and that is yours. The hallmarks are remarkable.

There is a good assortment of suites most of which have private balconies and separate bedrooms. Onrepparttar 140236 Dawn, for example, atrepparttar 140237 very top end you might select her spectacular 5,350 square foot "garden villa" suite complete with living room, dining room, three bedrooms, whirlpool tub and garden with a hot tub, outdoor dining area and terrace (it's true!). And there's butler service too. It simply does not get better than this for families or a group of friends). But no matter which accommodation style you choose, you'll find your surroundings, bright, cheerful and comfortable.


NCL has created a world of options for their guests, which contributes mightily torepparttar 140238 shipboard atmosphere of family holiday fun, relaxation, personal freedom and romance. Wide open spaces and small private hideaways. Sheer glass walls and views stretching torepparttar 140239 ends ofrepparttar 140240 earth. Coconut body polishes at Mandara Spa. Warm cognac and hand rolled cigars, beer and a game inrepparttar 140241 sports bar. Special clubs just forrepparttar 140242 kids. "And so very much more".


Food is a very big part of cruising, and in this area, NCL is in a league of its own. Along withrepparttar 140243 wide assortment of cuisine found on every ship, there are added treats and variations onrepparttar 140244 theme. A wickedly sinful Chocoholic Buffet, a President's Menu, designed by Henry Haller, former White House Executive Chef, tasty children's menus, Healthy selections from Cooking Light magazine with low fat, low cholesterol and low calorie suggestions. Meals taken in main dining rooms are included, however there is an additional charge for meals enjoyed in specialty restaurants.


The good times roll as lavish entertainment fillsrepparttar 140245 night with pizzazz. Broadway style theatre and snazzy productions in grand scale showrooms, cabaret singers and comics inrepparttar 140246 lounges. Dancing at Dazzles. Hot Latin rhythms andrepparttar 140247 latest tunes inrepparttar 140248 disco. The slap of cards and "rat-a-tat-tat" ofrepparttar 140249 roulette wheel inrepparttar 140250 sizzling casino. NCL hosted cocktail parties for honeymooners, singles and past guests. Is there a more exciting place to be inrepparttar 140251 evening than on a ship at sea, ablaze with lights, overflowing with music andrepparttar 140252 sound of happy laughter?


Accommodation is of all stripes, truly wide-ranging with owner's suites, penthouse suites, family suites, ocean-view staterooms and inside staterooms (many adjoining and family-friendly). Ocean-view and inside staterooms have two lower beds, bathroom with shower, refrigerator, safe, TV radio and phone. Some also offer a sitting area and many ofrepparttar 140253 ocean-view staterooms have private balconies or large picture windows.

Public Rooms and Facilities

A veritable parade! Public areas vary by ship withrepparttar 140254 larger, newer ships havingrepparttar 140255 greatest preponderance. A general list includes restaurants, lounges, bars (including coffee, champagne and wine venues), and pub. Also an internet café, sports deck with basketball, volleyball, golf driving net, beauty salon, fitness center, walking/jogging track, card room, cinema, video arcade, pool(s), lap pool, kid pool, hot tubs, and even a snorkeling program.

Mandara Spa

Originating in Bali, Mandara Spa has been dubbedrepparttar 140256 "aaahhhhhhhh" spa, and for good reason. The name Mandara comes from an ancient Sanskrit legend aboutrepparttar 140257 Gods' quest to findrepparttar 140258 elixir of immortality and eternal youth. No guarantees onrepparttar 140259 immortality, but you'll certainly feel forever young! How 'bout Hot Stone Heaven? Four Hands Massage, or A massage for two inrepparttar 140260 privacy of your stateroom? Exquisite treatments that will nurture you inside and out. Natural ingredients, caring touch. Could not be more perfect!

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