The Life and Works of Vincent van Gogh

Written by David Sasson

Perhapsrepparttar most prolific post-impressionist painter of all time, Vincent van Gogh gave us his mind, his heart, his soul, and, most notably, his ear. Van Gogh paintings are probably better known generally than those of any other painter in history. His masterpieces, such as Starry Night and Sunflowers, have graced art lovers’ walls for nearly 150 years.

Born in 1853, van Gogh wasrepparttar 147847 son of a Dutch Protestant minister. Early in his life, he possessed a moody temperament that would later haunt him in his efforts to become a successful artist. His brief and turbulent life epitomizesrepparttar 147848 mad genius legend. Rejected byrepparttar 147849 women he loved because of his difficult and contradictory personality, his few friendships usually ended in bitter arguments.

Strangely, van Gogh’s life had very little to do with painting. Byrepparttar 147850 age of 27 he had been a salesman in an art gallery, a French tutor, a theological student and an evangelical minister. It was not until 10 years before his death that he decided to pick up a brush. His early work,repparttar 147851 Dutch period of 1880-85, consists of dark greenish-brown, heavily painted studies of peasants and miners. By 1888, after working under Pisarro, van Gogh began experimenting with a brighter range of colors that are characteristic of many of his later works.

In 1888, in ill health, van Gogh moved to Arles with Gauguin for a brief period for release from Paris. At Arles, fraught with internal tension, van Gogh mutilated his left ear inrepparttar 147852 course of his first attack of dementia. His paintings from this period includerepparttar 147853 incomparable series of sunflowers: Two Sunflowers, Vase with Twelve Sunflowers, Four Cut Sunflowers and Sunflowers.

Dr. Jan Hulsker, one ofrepparttar 147854 world's foremost scholars of Vincent van Gogh, suggests thatrepparttar 147855 sunflower series "perhaps more than any other of his paintings, have made him known throughoutrepparttar 147856 world. They are oftenrepparttar 147857 only works with which he is identified." In recent years a great deal of attention has been devoted torepparttar 147858 authenticity of some ofrepparttar 147859 sunflower paintings (namely,repparttar 147860 Yasuda version). Most experts, however, have come torepparttar 147861 conclusion thatrepparttar 147862 Yasuda work is genuine. Unfortunatelyrepparttar 147863 arguments about authenticity have detracted from more critical and analytical studies ofrepparttar 147864 works themselves, and detailed critical commentary ofrepparttar 147865 sunflower series is surprisingly difficult to find. Overall, Jan Hulsker's observation ofrepparttar 147866 sunflower series truly mirrors Vincent's own belief that these works would indeed prove to be those for which Vincent is best beloved. Van Gogh once said in a letter to his brother, Theo, in 1889, “You may know thatrepparttar 147867 peony is Jeannin's,repparttar 147868 hollyhock belongs to Quost, butrepparttar 147869 sunflower is mine in a way."

Vincent van Gogh's time in Arles, France was a pivotal point in his life, and many of his most renowned works originated there. After years of study and struggle he moved torepparttar 147870 south of France in an attempt to further explore his art. Surprisingly, duringrepparttar 147871 period in which Vincent was at his most productive, he was alone. Called "fou-rou" (crazy red-head) by many ofrepparttar 147872 townspeople of Arles, Vincent was often viewed with suspicion and scorn. A number of Vincent's letters to his brother, Theo, reflect his isolation and his loneliness.

Laser Eye Correction Surgery: Will It Work For You?

Written by Jenna Keys

Technology moves at alarmingly fast rates now, and where glasses or contact lenses have been required inrepparttar past to correct vision deficiencies there is now an alternative. Laser eye correction is a relatively affordable procedure that means you won’t need to wear your reading glasses anymore and can correct virtually any eye problem. It is suitable for any adult with an eye problem and may berepparttar 147804 answer you are looking for.

What is Laser Eye Correction?

Laser Eye Correction, or refractive surgery as it is also known, is a quick procedure usually taking up to 15 minutes per eye. The actual laser treatment consists of less than 1 minute. During this process a laser scans your eyes pinpointing hundreds of unique points on your cornea. Once this is done,repparttar 147805 software used can determine exactly whererepparttar 147806 fault lies and ascertainrepparttar 147807 minor adjustments needed to restore your sight back to a reasonable level. The laser then reshapesrepparttar 147808 cornea so that your eyesight becomes at least 20/40 vision, although in most cases it can be restored completely to 20/20 vision. Your surgeon will, of course, talk you throughrepparttar 147809 exact procedure before surgery commences and if you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask.

You will be administered with anaesthetic eye drops prior to any procedure and a subtle restraining device placed on your eyes so there is no danger of you blinking. The apparatus accounts for small eye movements, so even if you can’t quite manage to stare atrepparttar 147810 red light allrepparttar 147811 way throughrepparttar 147812 procedure there shouldn’t be a problem.

Most patients suffer from little or no discomfort andrepparttar 147813 recovery time afterrepparttar 147814 procedure is very little. It is advised that on completion ofrepparttar 147815 correction you rest your eyes until next day, don’t stare at a television or a computer and don’t go anywhere where there is smoke or other pollutants. Next day you should be able to return to your normal daily life withoutrepparttar 147816 need for glasses or contact lenses.

Exactly how effective isrepparttar 147817 treatment?

Approximately 95% of patients have 20/20 vision or better following treatment and half have reported that their eyesight is better after treatment than when using glasses or contacts before. Ordinarily there is no need for further treatment becauserepparttar 147818 sight you have after correction isrepparttar 147819 sight you will have forrepparttar 147820 rest of your life. In fact, many clinics offerrepparttar 147821 equivalent of a lifetime guarantee, so if you do need any enhancements you will receive them free of charge.

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