The Leadership Talk As A Living Hologram

Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: A growing number of research scientists are persuaded thatrepparttar 151019 universe is not made of separate things but on a deep level is a single entity. This view is calledrepparttar 151020 holographic paradigm. The author takes a page from this unique point of view by asserting thatrepparttar 151021 success of a leadership tool he has been teaching for 21 years is attributed torepparttar 151022 fact that it is indeed a hologram.

The Leadership Talk As A Living Hologram by Brent Filson

The hologram is a three-dimensional photograph made on a flat surface with laser beams.

The three-dimensionality of such an image is notrepparttar 151023 only remarkable characteristic of a hologram. If a hologram of your face is cut in half and then illuminated by a laser, each half will still containrepparttar 151024 entire image of your face.

Indeed, even ifrepparttar 151025 halves are divided again, each snippet of film will always be found to contain a smaller but intact version ofrepparttar 151026 original image of your face. If we try to take apart something constructed holographically, we will not getrepparttar 151027 pieces of which it is made, we will only get smaller wholes.

To some scientific researchers,repparttar 151028 hologram isrepparttar 151029 basis for a striking view of reality -- thatrepparttar 151030 entire universe is a superhologram. Everything fromrepparttar 151031 grains of sand beneath our feet torepparttar 151032 farthest star inrepparttar 151033 outermost regions of deep space, everything is interconnected as one.

This view has come to be calledrepparttar 151034 holographic paradigm, and though it is supported by findings of quantum physics and corroboratesrepparttar 151035 insights ofrepparttar 151036 ancient Rabbis ofrepparttar 151037 Kabbala,repparttar 151038 Buddha, Lao Tsu, Plato,repparttar 151039 Veda mystics, and many more prophets and spiritual traditions, many scientists have greeted it with skepticism.

Still, a small but growing group of researchers believe it may berepparttar 151040 most accurate model of reality science has arrived at thus far.

Ifrepparttar 151041 holographic paradigm is true, then each of us — including your best friend and your worst enemy — are all connected on a deeper level of reality. Consequently, our individual actions affect others, everywhere. The state ofrepparttar 151042 world,repparttar 151043 state ofrepparttar 151044 universe for that matter, is merelyrepparttar 151045 sum total ofrepparttar 151046 interactions of humanity.

Let's bringrepparttar 151047 holographic paradigm into our ordinary lives, our ordinary day-to-day jobs. Because if it doesn't work in our daily lives, it's nothing more than an interesting idea. In fact, it's inrepparttar 151048 very ordinariness of our moment-to-moment experiences thatrepparttar 151049 holographic paradigm finds its true manifestation.

That manifestation creates an entirely new way of understanding leadership and organizational success; for a key leadership tool that I've been teaching for many years is indeed a hologram. Notrepparttar 151050 static photo-image hologram but a living hologram of great complexity and energy.

That tool isrepparttar 151051 Leadership Talk.

There is a hierarchy of verbal persuasion,repparttar 151052 lowest levels of which are speeches and presentations,repparttar 151053 highest and most effective level isrepparttar 151054 Leadership Talk. Speeches and presentations communication information, but Leadership Talks do something much more, they helprepparttar 151055 leader establish deep, human emotional interactions withrepparttar 151056 audience -- so vital in motivating people to get results.

Job Search Website Application Cheat Sheet

Written by Joel Walsh

Read on to find out how to give yourself an unfair advantage in applying on job search websites.

You need to approach a job search website not fromrepparttar point of view of someone who wants a job, but fromrepparttar 150887 point of view ofrepparttar 150888 person who has to handle hundreds of applications.

Ultimately, it's that person's hopes and dreams for getting throughrepparttar 150889 mass of applications that matters, not your hopes and dreams vis-a-vis your career.

Here's how you can make that person's dreams come true:

• KISS--keep it simple and short.

• Provide everything asked for inrepparttar 150890 application. Someone who has to sort through a hundred applications a day doesn't necessarily have time to visit your website, or ask you again forrepparttar 150891 required writing sample, or even clarify any part ofrepparttar 150892 job advertisement.

• Make surerepparttar 150893 very first sentence of your cover letter specifically referencesrepparttar 150894 job in question in a way that makes it clear this is not a form letter (even if it is a form cover letter afterrepparttar 150895 first line). Even something fawningly polite--no, especially something fawningly polite--such as "Thank you for allowing merepparttar 150896 opportunity to apply for your..." will greatly increase your chances of ending up inrepparttar 150897 recycling bin.

Job Search Websites: Advanced Users' Cheat Sheet

1. After applying online, work your network to try to make a human connection atrepparttar 150898 company. The person who postedrepparttar 150899 job has probably already turnedrepparttar 150900 phone off for fear of going deaf from job applicants' calls. But if you can somehow get within a few degrees of separation of that person's assistant, or even a co-worker, you may be able to getrepparttar 150901 face time you need to jump out ofrepparttar 150902 resume slush pile.

2. Try snail-mailing and/or faxing an additional copy of your materials, with a note that you just wanted to make surerepparttar 150903 person got your application. The note should also have a relevant P.S., such as, "congratulations on winning second-place atrepparttar 150904 Widgets Convention new product awards." Does this method haverepparttar 150905 potential to annoy? Yes. Does it give you an effective edge? Usually not--just often enough to make it worthwhile. Ultimately, if you’re serious about getting a job, you need to make sure your application actually makes it front of a pair of human eyes.

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