The Law of Attraction - Make it Work for You

Written by Laurie Hayes

The Law of Attraction responds to whatever vibration you are sending out intorepparttar Universe. You will receive more of what you are vibrating whether it is desired or not. This law does not decide whether what it is returning is good for you or not, it simply responds to your vibration.

This morning I got up early because we received more snow last night and I decided to take advantage ofrepparttar 122177 crisp air and opportunity to be alone for a while. I bundled up and headed out with my snow scraper in hand.

While shoveling, I thought about what has transpired in my life this year … where I was 12 months ago, where I am now, and where I want to be in a year.

Earlier this year, I put an intention intorepparttar 122178 Universe to guide me to my divine purpose. There was something missing that I needed in order to feel complete.

After handing my intention over, I started to visualize myself being surrounded by warm, caring people dedicated to helping me achieve success and sense of purpose, and reminded myself daily to remain open to any opportunity that might present itself.

Each day I woke up “knowing” that my answer would come, and with this knowing, I felt a sense of calmness. I was more relaxed. I smiled more and did not hesitate to speak to strangers and offer them a hand when needed.

I kept my mind open, listened more closely and focused more on giving than on receiving.

The Universe responded in kind.

Many generous, loving people were drawn into my life and together we have shared in a wonderful journey of self-growth, enlightenment and amazing successes.

Duringrepparttar 122179 past month, I became caught up inrepparttar 122180 daily stresses of work. I started thinking, there is never enough time, there is too much to do, I’m all on my own … and on and on …

Is there something beyond me?

Written by Terry Dashner

F F C...PO Box 1586...Broken Arrow, OK 74013…T.L. Dashner

“Is there something beyond Me?”

Have you ever heardrepparttar term, “postmodernism”? Do you agree with it? Postmodernism isrepparttar 122176 enlightened philosophy ofrepparttar 122177 intellectual andrepparttar 122178 seeker. Actually to me, it seems to be a repackaging ofrepparttar 122179 former philosophy, existentialism. Remember? Existentialism wasrepparttar 122180 rage ofrepparttar 122181 1960s, especially on college campuses andrepparttar 122182 Viet Nam War protests. We were told that we existed first, and then we discovered our essence. That’s some heavy stuff.

Yes, that’s right. The educated and well learned wantedrepparttar 122183 young, impressionable students of America to droprepparttar 122184 God stuff and build their own destiny. Now it doesn’t take a smart person to seerepparttar 122185 dangers associated with making oneself one’s own god. The only true God is not man, but way beyond man. Rememberrepparttar 122186 Beatles’ album Rubber Soul released in December 1965? There was a song onrepparttar 122187 album entitled, “Nowhere Man.” Listen to some ofrepparttar 122188 lyrics: “He’s a real nowhere man/ Sitting in his nowhere land/ Making all his nowhere plans/ For nobody/ Doesn’t have a point of view/ Knows not where he’s going to / Isn’t he a bit like you and me?” This guy is really lost.

John Lennon may have been an existentialist, making fun of us who are seeking our destiny through God, but I’m not. Then again, Lennon’s philosophy about life doesn’t surprise me. Why? Because many of his songs were written in a drug induced state. He could have been getting his information from all kinds of gods. John Lennon was a talented man, but he was far from being a good spokesperson forrepparttar 122189 common man. In fact, wasn’t herepparttar 122190 one that once said thatrepparttar 122191 Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ? I think he was. And it was aboutrepparttar 122192 time that “Nowhere Man” was playing everywhere over AM radio. Wasn’t it?

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