The Law Offices of Chaikin & Sherman Announce Updated Website

Written by Sara Goldstein

Washington DC personal injury attorneys, Ira Sherman and Donald Chaikin recently updatedrepparttar firm’s website located at The website features attorney profiles detailing Chaikin & Sherman’s background and expertise. It also includes each ofrepparttar 149395 types of personal injury cases that they provide inrepparttar 149396 Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. The practice areas include serious personal injury, auto accidents, brain injury, medical malpractice, tractor-trailer accidents, constitutional law, civil rights, discrimination, wrongful death, consumer fraud, bad faith insurance claims, defective products, pharmacy errors, nursing home injuries, airplane accidents, train accidents and injuries caused by terrorism.

The Law Offices of Fredrick J. Sette Announce New Website

Written by Sara Goldstein

Sacramento personal injury attorney, Fredrick J. Sette recently released a completely redesigned new website located at The website features an attorney profile detailing Mr. Sette’s background and expertise. It also includes each ofrepparttar personal injury practice areas that he provides inrepparttar 149349 Sacramento area. These practice areas include automobile accidents, rollovers and defective seatbelts, motorcycle accidents, trucking/big rig accidents, bicycle accidents, boating/personal water craft accidents, dog bites/animal attacks, malfunctioning equipment, medical devices, or consumer goods, product liability, work related accidents & injuries, insurance bad faith disputes, uninsured/under-insured claims, accidents or injuries as a result of unsafe premises, brain & head injury cases, auto accidents involving a drunk driver, construction accidents and wrongful death, including death caused by automobile, train, boat, planes, tobacco, chemicals, construction accidents, medical negligence, etc.

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