The Latest Filipino Genius?

Written by P. Williams

A year ago many people inrepparttar industry would have asked who?, when faced withrepparttar 145007 name Marlon Manalo. The Filipino based former snooker player realised he couldn't earn a living in Asia from snooker so turned his hand to 9-ball. What a decision that turned out to be.

He was disappointed withrepparttar 145008 APBU about not being given a spot inrepparttar 145009 2004 WPC by right, he then proceeded to prove his point by making a run torepparttar 145010 last 16. That run confirmed his place for this years World Pool Championships.

Inrepparttar 145011 last week he has won two big tournaments inrepparttar 145012 USA, The Reno Open ($12000) and thenrepparttar 145013 9-ball event atrepparttar 145014 Hard Times Jamboree. What better preparation could he have gained for this years WPC which starts onrepparttar 145015 2nd July inrepparttar 145016 Taiwan city of Khaoisung.

Exercise For A Golfer…Don’t Fear it

Written by Mike Pedersen

Exercise for a golfer is widely used. Despiterepparttar success many professionals have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy in their game, mainly because of golf-specific exercises, many amateur golfers still shun any golf specific exercises.

Even when it is rather obvious that leading names inrepparttar 144970 game likerepparttar 144971 legendary Tiger Woods heavily rely on staying in good shape forrepparttar 144972 game by having personal trainers and by being involved in golf specific exercises.

Bt farrepparttar 144973 main reason why most still fear and avoid exercise for golfers isrepparttar 144974 belief that they will develop muscles. Actually lifting weights are a very effective way of toningrepparttar 144975 golf-specific muscles forrepparttar 144976 game, by strengthening them. Strength training using weights will never increaserepparttar 144977 size of your muscles.

Nobody would loathe building big muscles more than most lady golfers. Yet many of them have dramatically improved their games by increasing their strength through golf-specific weight training. Actually you need to be inrepparttar 144978 gym several hours a day lifting very heavy weights to develop a weight-lifters’ muscles. The weight-lifting exercise regime for golf involves lifting lighter weights many more times over a very short period of time compared to a weightlifter looking for muscles with heavier weights lifted fewer times at a time but for longer hours daily.

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