The Last Eclipse

Written by Arthur Zulu

Strange things never cease to happen. These things themselves makerepparttar world go round. Consider this: Many years ago, a solar eclipse happened in one primitive part ofrepparttar 126042 earth. You know what it means—day changed to night. Andrepparttar 126043 ignorant villagers, who didn't know what had just happened, thought thatrepparttar 126044 world has come to an end. See farmers racing down to their village huts! Behold mothers frantically searching for their weeping babies inrepparttar 126045 village playground! Watch birds and domestic animals hastily making to their hiding places! Chaos!!

But I am not going to talk of those who committed suicide either by drinking poison or drowning inrepparttar 126046 village river beforerepparttar 126047 end comes. Neither am I going to say ofrepparttar 126048 village priest who immediately made a sacrifice to appeaserepparttar 126049 gods, who he thought had gone mad. No, I am not going to talk of those.

My concern isrepparttar 126050 richest man inrepparttar 126051 village who made a feast forrepparttar 126052 villagers. He had all his livestock slaughtered, tore his yam barns and invited allrepparttar 126053 villagers forrepparttar 126054 last supper. But as they were eating underrepparttar 126055 moonlight, watchingrepparttar 126056 stars and waiting forrepparttar 126057 world to end, night changed to day. Andrepparttar 126058 surprised villagers turnedrepparttar 126059 last supper to a happy celebration, eating up allrepparttar 126060 rich man's possessions. The man could not stop them because he had asked them to feast. So he became known asrepparttar 126061 most foolish man ofrepparttar 126062 year. But that's a different matter.

When Gavrillo Princip fired an "innocent" shot in Sarajevo killing Archduke Ferdinand, never did he know thatrepparttar 126063 events that would follow it would eventually lead torepparttar 126064 death of innocence in 1914. Before that first world war began, British then foreign minister, Neil Chamberlain leaned over a window, and said: "The lights are going out all over Europe. We shall never see it lit again in our life time." The report did not state that he shook his head. Maybe he did. And it did not say that he dropped a tear. Perhaps, he did. The rest is history now. Millions dead!

Discover the Real Bush War

Written by Scot Aaron

Is war inevitable! Are you "for" or "against" military action? What ofrepparttar UN Security Council? Discover facts about:repparttar 126041 Gulf War, US support of Saddam Hussein inrepparttar 126042 Iraq-Iran War (1980-88), and US involvement with Bin Laden andrepparttar 126043 "Afghan Jihad" (1979-89). ______________________________

Discoverrepparttar 126044 Real Bush War (Part I)

As I sit down and write this article on Tuesday Night February 18, 2003 from my office in Germany,repparttar 126045 Bush (or Bush/Blair) War appears inevitable. Why is this?

Is it time to bash President Bush and his policies? Or should we chant Bush slogans?

Bush stated in his recent State ofrepparttar 126046 Union, "We are called to defendrepparttar 126047 safety of our people, andrepparttar 126048 hopes of all mankind. And we accept this responsibility." Do you believe that it is America's responsibility to protect so-called FREEDOMS forrepparttar 126049 entire world? Many might rememberrepparttar 126050 United State's embarrassing role inrepparttar 126051 Nicaraguan civil war, or even Vietnam!

As an online reader, you, like everyone else has probably already chosen sides. Are you "pro" or "anti"repparttar 126052 Bush War? Whether you gravitate towards 1) espousing Bush's war rhetoric in protecting America's freedoms, or 2) you agree that UN weapons inspectors should continue with their job, I ask that you temporarily back away from any forlorn conclusions and discoverrepparttar 126053 REAL BUSH WAR.

Ultimately,repparttar 126054 Bush War -- like so many wars -- is about money and power. This goes much deeper than oil! I would like to take a brief journey through both recent and ancient history and discussrepparttar 126055 foundation of Bush's beliefs. We all know that he believes in Iraq's regime change and this means war. As we unravelrepparttar 126056 situation, you just might discover facts that you did not know before, along with historical realities you have not thought so much about.

FACT: On Friday February 14, 2003repparttar 126057 United Nations' 15 member Security Council agreed to continuerepparttar 126058 weapons inspection, ruling outrepparttar 126059 use of military force. France, Russia, and China, along with Germany,repparttar 126060 Vatican and rulers of many other countries are overwhelmingly againstrepparttar 126061 Bush War.

FACT: The US ledrepparttar 126062 Gulf War with Iraq in 1991. Kuwait was a part of southern Iraq through most ofrepparttar 126063 Islamic Ottoman Empire spanning from 1290-1923. The national boundaries making Kuwait and Iraq into separate countries were primarily established after World War II whenrepparttar 126064 British released most of their imperialistic territories. As always, Britain and other allies tried to hold on to economic (oil) interests by establishing pro-British leaders. Petroleum is Kuwait's primary natural resource. Kuwait is one ofrepparttar 126065 tiniest countries (about 120 x 110 miles) but owns approximately 10% ofrepparttar 126066 world's oil reserves. The per person GNP is higher than Italy, Israel, and more than 10 times Iraq. (According torepparttar 126067 2000 GNP report ofrepparttar 126068 World Bank and OECD, Kuwait has $19,040 per person versus $1650 for Iraqis.)

Before making a value judgement on Saddam Hussein's principles for taking over Kuwait in 1990, I could listen to both viewpoints dealing with oil, territorial boundaries, debt, Israel, UN favoritism, and other issues. Regardless of an opinion on Iraq and those countries for or against Iraq's takeover of Kuwait,repparttar 126069 UN Security Council passed their resolution on November 29, 1990. Member states could “use all necessary means” to force Iraq from Kuwait, if Iraq did not depart by January 15, 1991.

FACT: The government ofrepparttar 126070 United States provided weapons and support to Iraq duringrepparttar 126071 Iraq-Iran War of 1980-1988.

Rather than detail this war, it is known thatrepparttar 126072 United States was againstrepparttar 126073 Iranian regime change of 1979. The Shah of Iran was overthrown because of his corruption and ties torepparttar 126074 US and western powers which primarily revolved around Iranian oil fields. The Shiite Muslim leader Ayatollah Khomeini took over and severed any interactions withrepparttar 126075 US and western powers. Fearing thatrepparttar 126076 US would intervene and reestablishrepparttar 126077 Shah who fled torepparttar 126078 US, Iranian students took 66 American hostages fromrepparttar 126079 US Embassy. It was during this Iran Hostage Crisis thatrepparttar 126080 US supported Saddam Hussein in Iraq attacking Iran.

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