The Last-Minute Interview

Written by Pierre G. Daunic, Ph.D., CCM

The phone rings. Itís Ajax Thingamabob Company. Could you come in for an interview forrepparttar Regional Manager position tomorrow? Your breath catches in your throatóat last, an interview! Elated, you write downrepparttar 135342 time and place ofrepparttar 135343 interview, who to ask for, say thanks, and hang up!

But, wait, itís such short notice, and you havenít been interviewed for ages. Too, you never did get around to practicing. How can you possibly prepare in time to perform well? You hesitate to call them back to rescheduleóthat might not look good. You feelrepparttar 135344 anxiety building, even a little panic. What should you do?

Here are three easily remembered tips that will help a lot.

Relax. Remind yourself that you would not be interviewing at all if they didnít like what they saw on your rťsumť. Reviewrepparttar 135345 ad andrepparttar 135346 response you sent them earlier (you did keep them, didnít you?). Be reasonably sure that you understand what it is they are looking for inrepparttar 135347 person they hire. But be prepared to ask questions duringrepparttar 135348 interview ifrepparttar 135349 position description seems vague. Your primary goal is to have a clear idea about what it is they need.

Tell them what they want to hear. Your purpose inrepparttar 135350 interview is to expose and provide personalized solutions to their specific and stated (or implied) needs. Listen carefully, but remember that you haverepparttar 135351 right and responsibility to ask questions of your own duringrepparttar 135352 interview. Your questions can often be derived directly from questions that they ask you. For example, if you are asked about your abilities in inventory management, you might logically ask them to tell you more specifically about what their current problems are in that area. Once you knowrepparttar 135353 nature of their concerns, then you are in a much better position to help them answer those problems Ö and that is what they want to hear!

"How to Create a Great Electronic Resume"

Written by Vincent Czaplyski

After creatingrepparttar perfect resume, you then need to distribute it. You'll likely be sending some professionally printed hard copies, especially to "A list" companies or organizations you've set your sights on. But just as likely, you'll be distributing other copies electronically.

Presuming you've written a great resume to begin with, here's what you really need to know about your electronic version:

1. It must be searchable.

2. It must be in ASCII format.


Someone searchingrepparttar 135195 Internet resume banks forrepparttar 135196 perfect candidate (you) needs to be able to weed out allrepparttar 135197 unqualified candidates, which potentially number inrepparttar 135198 tens of thousands nowadays. Typically, they'll enter search terms intended to eliminaterepparttar 135199 vast majority of posted resumes and selectrepparttar 135200 most promising. They do this much as one might perform an Internet search on Google or another search engine, by entering key word search terms

Their search might be limited to a certain geographical area, a certain skill set or qualification, or a certain job description, among obvious search categories.

The geographical part is easy - your contact information will help someone looking for a software designer in San Francisco Bay area or a pretzel maker in Milwaukee find you if you are qualified and live inrepparttar 135201 right part ofrepparttar 135202 world.

However, if you have technical qualifications that can be searched in different ways - "Bachelor of Science" and "B.Sc." for example, your resume should use both variants so that a search engine finds you either way.

And if you possess job experience that's highly relevant torepparttar 135203 job in question, be sure to describe it inrepparttar 135204 most common ways that it would likely be searched on.

Tip: Read through your completed resume and see if you can't describe qualifications, degrees, or job titles in multiple alternative ways throughoutrepparttar 135205 resume. This will increaserepparttar 135206 chances you'll be found in an online search.

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