The Ki of Aikido - An Oriental Concept of "Energy", "Self" and "Mind"

Written by Charlie Badenhop


There are many different ways to perceive, utilize, and benefit from energy. What I offer here is one of many ways. Indeed when I do other kinds of activities I perceive of and work with energy in quite a different manner. What follows is my experience of energy while performing Aikido overrepparttar course of more than twenty years. Certainly there are likely to be many other Aikido practitioners that would explain their experiences and beliefs in a manner that is somewhat different than mine. I offer you here, one experience, my experience, and thus all that I say is part of my belief system, and not at all necessarily THE truth.


Aikido is a Japanese martial art, and it does not have an attack form. We do not kick, punch, or in any other manner, attempt to hurt our opponent.

The meaning of Aikido: "Ai" To gather or harmonize. "Ki" Universal life force/energy. This isrepparttar 122359 energy that we share with nature and all living beings. "Do" An artful path of discovery. "Aikido" An artful path of discovering how to gather and harmonizerepparttar 122360 energy ofrepparttar 122361 universe. When we sense and move withrepparttar 122362 energy that is manifesting throughoutrepparttar 122363 universe we find that we have a greater ability to live a life that is healthy and fulfilling.


In Aikido we believe that all human beings utilize and share a common energy source (ki) that helps to run and maintain our environment as well as our individual human systems. We believe that since we all share a common energy source, that in some important way we are all truly members ofrepparttar 122364 same family, and truly sharing our lives with all of nature. We do not have an attack form in Aikido, because attacking an opponent would be like attacking a family member that you love. Attacking an opponent would also be like attempting to damagerepparttar 122365 flow of Universal energy inrepparttar 122366 world, and such acts are likely to have many far reaching consequences.

Inrepparttar 122367 Japanese language words that userepparttar 122368 concept of "ki" are common. "Gen-ki" means "root energy" or one's "personal health". "Ten-ki" relates to "heavenly energy" or "the weather". "Hon-ki" relates to "original energy" or "the truth". "Yuu-ki" relates to "brave energy" or "courage". "Ki o tsukete" means "attach your energy to what you are doing, or "be careful".

The origin of ki?

Where does ki originate from? In Aikidorepparttar 122369 answer is poetic in nature rather than scientific. It is suggested that ki was "born" atrepparttar 122370 same instant asrepparttar 122371 rest ofrepparttar 122372 universe, and that we are all born fromrepparttar 122373 ki ofrepparttar 122374 universe. Ki is considered to be an energy that we all have equal access to. It is an energy that courses through our system if we do not restrict it. In Aikido we believe that excess tension physically and emotionally, fear, hate, greed, and anger, all cut us off fromrepparttar 122375 universal source of ki. Our daily practice involves working at maintaining a balanced state physically and emotionally, and indeed, practicing ways to cultivate physical and emotional balance is much of whatrepparttar 122376 study of Aikido is about. In Aikido physical and emotional balance are meant to be two sides ofrepparttar 122377 very same coin. Physical balance helps to engender emotional balance and health, and vice versa as well. Often in my professional work with individuals I find myself first addressingrepparttar 122378 clients physical balance when they come wanting to resolve emotional issues, and I dorepparttar 122379 reverse as well. I often first address or explore how emotional imbalance might lead torepparttar 122380 physical difficulties they are experiencing.

"Ki signature" mind, spirit-Energy manifests as spirit, spirit manifests as mind

Energy manifests within each individual as spirit, spirit manifests in each individual as mind. In some way that is a mystery to all of mankind,repparttar 122381 freely available energy ofrepparttar 122382 universe is transformed by each person into one's own unique "ki signature", spirit, mind. No two people haverepparttar 122383 same exact "ki signature", just as no two people haverepparttar 122384 same exact written signature. No two people haverepparttar 122385 same exact spirit, no two people haverepparttar 122386 same exact mind. The unique way that we each take in, utilize, and expend energy, can be considered to be our "ki signature", mind, or spirit. Each person starts withrepparttar 122387 same source of energy, and manifests this energy in a way that will never exactly be duplicated by any other human being.

What Planet is Your Family From? Uranus or Neptune?

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

This is one ofrepparttar most famous opening lines ever written. The author is a man consumed by horror and fascination with families and family life, a man who had 12 children and an intense relationship with his much younger wife, and whose own parents and older brother died when he was quite young.

The book is "Anna Karenina". The author is Leo Tolstoy.

Many of Tolstoy's novels concern families and family life issues. In "The Kreutzer Sonata", a husband murders his wife in a fit of jealous passion.

Tolstoy's family life was far from perfect and yetrepparttar 122358 profundity of family life consumed him for a lifetime. He asked to be buried near "the green stick", a legendary place his older brother told him about when they were kids.

What about you? Does your Family Tree bearrepparttar 122359 fruits of pain or perfection? What aboutrepparttar 122360 family you’re creating or plan to create? And your spouse’s family?

Do your people fitrepparttar 122361 Normal Rockwell stereotype? The Partridge Family? How aboutrepparttar 122362 Royal Tannenbaums? Were you raised by a single parent? Relatives? Foster homes? "Where do I come from?" is an important question at some time in our lives and especially when we have Saturn inrepparttar 122363 4th, 8th and 12th houses ofrepparttar 122364 chart.

For all of us, really knowing ourselves means knowing aboutrepparttar 122365 families we come from. This isrepparttar 122366 great mystery ofrepparttar 122367 bottom ofrepparttar 122368 chart,repparttar 122369 IC,repparttar 122370 Imum Coeli. Translated literally this meansrepparttar 122371 deepest most part ofrepparttar 122372 Heavens. This isrepparttar 122373 4th house.

Erin Sullivan has written a very interesting seminal work on family chart interpretation in her latest book, "The Astrology of Family Dynamics." She thinks families come in two different types: Uranian and Neptunian. Let's take a closer look at this.

So, what's it like to come from Uranus? Uranus isrepparttar 122374 planet that rules individuality, freedom andrepparttar 122375 ability to stand alone against insurmountable obstacles. There is a Promethean heroism inrepparttar 122376 basic Uranian character. As you recall, Prometheus stole fire fromrepparttar 122377 gods and gave it to humans. For this willful act of transgression, he was chained to a rock for all eternity. Every day an eagle (the bird of Zeus, his tormenter) eats out his liver. And every night it grows back. Many an Aquarian soul will identify withrepparttar 122378 agony andrepparttar 122379 ecstasy of this myth. Uranus isrepparttar 122380 ruler of Aquarians and astrologers. Sometimesrepparttar 122381 truths we bring are not welcome though they are spectacularly life sustaining.

Uranus isrepparttar 122382 planet that gives usrepparttar 122383 will to stand up and breakrepparttar 122384 chains that bind us. Uranus rules revolutions such asrepparttar 122385 French Revolution andrepparttar 122386 American Revolution. When it's time for a revolutionary change inrepparttar 122387 status quo, in rides Aquarius onrepparttar 122388 hurricane winds of change. (Aquarius is an air sign.)

The mythological Uranus, some might remember, ate his own children because he thought they were ugly. Still he and Gaea createdrepparttar 122389 protogods ofrepparttar 122390 Greek pantheon.

What on earth does this tell us about family dynamics? Well,repparttar 122391 reason Uranus thought his children were ugly is an important consideration. It was because they didn't fit his ideal. The Uranian personality can be consumed with a vision so pure that it dreadfully devalues any tangible reality.

Families adoptingrepparttar 122392 Uranian model will be comprised of strong individuals who are encouraged to think for themselves as soon and have opinions of their own as soon as they can talk. The family is seldom at home because their family ideal is to contribute to society. The members of these families are serving on committees to preserve ethnic folk dances, getting elected to school boards, organizing fund raisers to pay for a neighborhood child's prosthesis or starting a group like MADD.

The children in Uranian homes are escorted torepparttar 122393 door at 18 or 21 and out in torepparttar 122394 world they go, never looking back. These are notrepparttar 122395 kids who are expected to call home every Sunday afternoon at 6 pm. For some readers this is sounding like a horror story but for some, it should be oddly consoling and even quite highly amusing. You are thinking, "At last, someone is describing a family like mine."

The siblings in Uranian families, not to mentionrepparttar 122396 parents, often go for years without talking to one another. It is always interesting to discover what brings them back into contact. (If you know a family like this, be sure and ask.) Needless to say, in these families, everyone isrepparttar 122397 black sheep!

The Uranian family has few traditions since they don't value tradition. Family reunions are rare. Maybe they read about each other inrepparttar 122398 newspaper!

Because every Uranian is at heart living in a future which doesn't exist yet, images from science fictions books and films come to mind. Stanley Kubrick is a quintessential Uranian type. Here's a world view quote:

"The most terrifying fact aboutrepparttar 122399 universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent, but if we can come to terms withrepparttar 122400 indifference, then our existence as a species can have genuine meaning. However vastrepparttar 122401 darkness, we must supply our own light."

- Stanley Kubrick

Many astrologers and metaphysicians, myself included, would agree with Kubrick; however this description is sure to strike terror inrepparttar 122402 hearts of Neptunians everywhere. Indifference? Yikes!

Uranians meditate on pure energy and rarely see images but if they do, it is likely to be very abstract (and “indifferent”) such as light spirals, galactic cosmos starry nights or extra terrestrials. Neptunians onrepparttar 122403 other hand can conjure angels, fairies, auras,repparttar 122404 Divine Mother and her Suffering Son. Medicine Men, Shamans, Isis … beings with faces and eyes that connect and beckon kindly.

Which one is better? That’s not a question to ask in a paradigm like astrology that presentsrepparttar 122405 world fundamentally in polarities as do many ofrepparttar 122406 world’s great religions. Uranians:Neptunians as yang:yin as air/fire:water/earth.

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