The Key to Starting a Business Online

Written by Romel Wallace

Copyright 2005 Romel Wallace

Many people wonder whatrepparttar key to starting a new business online really is. I won't beat aroundrepparttar 147511 bush with you.

The key to starting a business online is simply to get started. This isrepparttar 147512 hardest part for anyone online or off-line to do.


This is a good question. I believe I will chalk this up to good old human nature. I am as guilty of this asrepparttar 147513 next guy. What you'll realize isrepparttar 147514 only way to finish a project is to just get started.

I know. Easier said than done.

If you haverepparttar 147515 money, you can simply hire someone to dorepparttar 147516 job for you or you can do it yourself. If you do it yourself, there is simply no way around it. You have to give up a portion of your most valuable resource which is - time.

Search Engines... What They LOVE and HOW-TO Get Them To Come CRAWL Your Website

Written by Cory Threlfall

Copyright 2005 The IWE, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Search Engines... one ofrepparttar MOST tricky marketing tactics of them all online simply becauserepparttar 147478 SE's are forever changingrepparttar 147479 rules of Website Optimization.

Meaning... what used to work "Yesterday" might not work "Today".

Now, with that said, forrepparttar 147480 remainder of this article I want to let you in on what SE's 'LOVE' and will thank you for everytime you hand them over some.

It's really not much of a mystery to those of you who have been marketing online for some time But for those of you who haven't this is something you should seriously consider getting into for more reasons than ONE.

OKAY. Enough ofrepparttar 147481 small talk. I'm going to dive straight in and get torepparttar 147482 point Right Now on what SE's 'LOVE' and it's simply...


That's right, "Content" is what SE's 'LOVE' and are continually crawlingrepparttar 147483 Internet for Day and Night 24/7/365 and will gladly pay your website a visit if you supply it on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.

The more often you supply "Content" and post it on your websiterepparttar 147484 more often SE spiders will come CRAWL and "index" your website pages.

The question is... "do you write Articles?"

If you don't, maybe you might want to consider it.

Now that you know what SE's 'LOVE', your probably wondering whatrepparttar 147485 BEST way is to getrepparttar 147486 SE spiders attention to get them to come on over and CRAWL your website.

Well, first off I would recommend you submitting your Articles(whether you have some already or plan on starting) to 'Article Directories' simply because SE spiders are constantly CRAWLING these websites since they are SO full of content and are updated usually on a daily basis.

You can find them by simply typing in "article directories" into your favorite search engine's search field.

The other great thing about 'Article Directories' is they usually have HIGH 'PR'(Popularity Ranking) which is another KEY thing SE's take into consideration which means once you've posted your articles on that directory or directories,repparttar 147487 spiders will eventually 'Find' your article, crawl that page within that Article Directory and followrepparttar 147488 corresponding links within your "Resource Box" back to your website.

The more article directories you post to,repparttar 147489 more chances you'll have at getting some SE spider activity on your website, crawling and indexing your webpages.

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