The Key To Perseverance

Written by Steve Gillman

The Definition Of Perseverance

From a dictionary: "Persisting in or remaining constant to a purpose, idea or task in spite of obstacles." Notice it doesn't start, "Wisely persisting..." Perseverance can clearly be a both a good thing and a bad thing. Remember that when you find yourself wanting to quit something. Quitting might berepparttar wisest choice.

Of course,repparttar 146284 problem withrepparttar 146285 idea that you should quit when something isn't worthrepparttar 146286 effort, is that it's often used as a rationalization. It comes to mind whenrepparttar 146287 effort is difficult, but really is worthwhile. It's confusing at times, so how do you wisely persevere? There are three important aspects to consider.

Keys To Wise Perseverance

1. Self awareness: Notice when you look for excuses, rather than truth. Are you letting fear or laziness cause you to quit or procrastinate? If honestly watching yourself is difficult, explain your reasoning to a friend. Close friends may be more likely than you to know when you're rationalizing. (Think about it fromrepparttar 146288 other direction and you'll see this can be true.)

Self Help and Motivation

Written by Marlene Challis

My name is Marlene Challis. I'm a wife and mother and up until a few years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about computers or business.

When we first got a computer, I was afraid to touchrepparttar keyboard incase I pressedrepparttar 146169 wrong key and it blew up! Withrepparttar 146170 guidance of my husband teaching merepparttar 146171 basics of getting it turned on and playing some games, I finally found my way around.

Then we got connected torepparttar 146172 internet. That was scary trying to work out howrepparttar 146173 "net" worked. I learnt by pressing buttons and figuring things out as I went along. My two daughters gave me some pointers but apart from that, I taught myself everything I know. I have a high school certificate but no college degree and I have no formal computer or business training.

When I mastered getting aroundrepparttar 146174 "net", a whole new world opened up. It was exciting being able to find out information about anything you wanted. I started to userepparttar 146175 "net" to search for travel specials for our holidays and I booked them online.

In 2002, I wanted to do something to contribute torepparttar 146176 household income. I didn't know what but I lovedrepparttar 146177 internet and knew that had to be involved somehow. In November 2002 I registered my first business and I was off and running.

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