The Key Ingredient To Increase Preconstruction Profits By Over $20,000

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One ofrepparttar greatest preconstruction investing issues that I hear from individual investors is that they canít get access to what they believe are good projects. Regardless ifrepparttar 148392 preconstruction project is a beach condo, a townhouse, a single family home, or even land investment, individuals are finding that many restrictions are being placed on them by developers. In addition, prices are continuing to runaway. So given all this, how is an individual investor supposed to excel in this environment? Read on and find out!

Supposerepparttar 148393 investor hadrepparttar 148394 ability to march right intorepparttar 148395 developerís office and demand that they should give you at least a $20,000 discount, which now would turn a good project to a really great one. I mean, youíre serious about your preconstruction investing. Shouldnít you be entitled to that discount? Afterrepparttar 148396 developer stopped laughing, they probably would suggestrepparttar 148397 investor find a path to their door.

If you look at this fromrepparttar 148398 developerís perspective, they probably already have a marketing team in place to provide a steady supply of purchasers or investors. In this market, a single individual preconstruction purchaser/investor would have absolutely zero impact on anythingrepparttar 148399 developer was doing or planning. Basically your request for a discount provides zero advantage inrepparttar 148400 preconstruction process.

So letís change this picture a little bit. Suppose you are a surgeon and you walk in with 15 other doctors and tellrepparttar 148401 developer that you are very serious about this preconstruction project and probably others thatrepparttar 148402 developer has onrepparttar 148403 drawing boards. Ok, this is possibly a horse of an entirely different color forrepparttar 148404 investor group. Having a single group come in and moving a block of 15 units in one fell swoop may be something of interest torepparttar 148405 developer. This is especially true ifrepparttar 148406 developer has time pressures to get this preconstruction project moving forward.

In this real estate environment, with lots of investors, it may (or may not) be possible for this group to get a discount but there may be several other ways that this developer might chose to helprepparttar 148407 group. For example,repparttar 148408 developer could assurerepparttar 148409 group that they will definitely be able to get 15 units inrepparttar 148410 preconstruction project; for many locales, even that is a major feat. In addition,repparttar 148411 developer could assure this group that they may get first crack at another phase, or another project altogether. Ifrepparttar 148412 developer is wise, they will find some way to work with this group and treat them well.

THE TAXMAN COMMETH: The Offshore Tax Dodge Could Prove Costly

Written by Phillip Townsend

What arerepparttar boundaries between legitimate tax planning, tax avoidance and outright tax evasion? It seemsrepparttar 148376 lines are becoming more blurred with each passing day. The issue has been front-page news aroundrepparttar 148377 world overrepparttar 148378 past several months due to world government authoritiesí successful campaigns to curbrepparttar 148379 illegal use of offshore banks, tax havens and employment in hope of combating widespread tax evasion.

Inrepparttar 148380 US, UK and Australia, tax authorities are actively targeting offshore schemes and expatriates at an alarming rate. Outside of unscrupulous promoters of offshore tax havens (and their clients),repparttar 148381 tax-collecting arms of these governments are also targetingrepparttar 148382 millions of people living and working aroundrepparttar 148383 world who may be unknowingly committing tax evasion.

Here are some recent examples:

ē June 2005: Inrepparttar 148384 midst of a broad crackdown on offshore tax shelters usingrepparttar 148385 Patriot Act,repparttar 148386 IRS warned US expatriates working and studying abroad that they risk up to a $10,000 fine or 50 per cent ofrepparttar 148387 value ofrepparttar 148388 offshore account if they fail to report overseas bank and financial accounts.

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