The Kabbalah of Speech

Written by Shifra Hendrie

"Inrepparttar sixth century ofrepparttar 147610 sixth millennium,repparttar 147611 gates of supernal [heavenly] wisdom will be opened, as willrepparttar 147612 wellsprings of earthly wisdom, preparingrepparttar 147613 world to be elevated inrepparttar 147614 seventh millennium." The Zohar (a source text of Kabbalah)


Depressed, sad, afraid, guilty, alone, weak, fragmented, disconnected, weary, helpless, victimized, threatened, tired, drained, resentful, unappreciated, misunderstood, burdened, angry, hate, hard, not good enough, dreary, stupid, ugly, lonely, impossible, overwhelmed, isolated, too much for me, failure, I canít, danger, panic, itís too hardÖ

How do you feel? And, what happens to your goals when you feel this way? To your energy? To your willingness to take risks? To your belief in yourself and your dreams?

Itís not such a pretty picture.


Happy, overjoyed, energized, strong, delighted, proud, empowered, flowing, intimate, ease, rested, fresh, possibility, connectedness, trust, openness, aliveness, love, awe, greatness, authenticity, harmony, success, safe, free, just right, excellence, beauty, pleasure, joy, power, creative, wholeness, shimmering, I have what it takes, I can do it, itís a breezeÖ.

Feel any better? Ready to get going again?

This simple but powerful exercise is designed to give you a tiny taste ofrepparttar 147615 power of words. Words create! The words we use (whether in speech or thought) play a central role in generating our perspective and feelings. Our feelings generate actions and our actions generate results. It all starts with words.


G-d createdrepparttar 147616 world with words. According to Kabbalah, words and letters arerepparttar 147617 actual building blocks Ėrepparttar 147618 raw material - of creation. Everything has a Hebrew name, and each letter of that name is a channel for a specific Divine energy. The energies of these letters andrepparttar 147619 way they are combined determinesrepparttar 147620 particular unique characteristics of everything in existence.

The Truth about Hypnotism

Written by Alan Richardson

Few things are more misunderstood than hypnotism and hypnotherapy. Most people get their understanding of hypnotism from movies and books,whererepparttar procedures and results are often exaggerated. Many think that people can be hypnotized against their will and made to do terrible or embarrassing things.Nothing could be further fromrepparttar 147566 truth. Hypnosis is a powerful,effective,and safe tool that can be used for such things as self improvement,losing weight or giving up smoking.

Our mind is controlled by both its conscious and sub-conscious parts. Our conscious mind is what we use for reasoning, making decisions,and judgments.Our sub-conscious mind automatically takes care of all of our bodily functions.It also contains our values,many of our memories, and it gives usrepparttar 147567 feelings of intuition that we often have. The conscious mind acts as a barrier torepparttar 147568 sub-conscious,which is where hypnosis comes in.

Hypnotism is simply an enhanced state of relaxation.It allowsrepparttar 147569 conscious mind to relax sorepparttar 147570 sub-conscious mind can take in knowledge and understanding.Becauserepparttar 147571 sub-conscious mind is open to taking in new information,hypnotherapy is ideal for helping people give up addictions such as smoking,lose weight,or make strides toward self improvement.

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