The Kabbalah of Love: Part One

Written by Shifra Hendrie

Intimate Love.

What feelings do these words stir up in you? Longing? Excitement? Pleasure? Fear?

Whateverrepparttar feeling, if thinking about intimate love makes your heart beat faster, I’m not surprised. This feeling is more powerful than almost any we can experience. That’s because it’s nothing less thanrepparttar 147614 touching of two souls.

Three years ago I sufferedrepparttar 147615 terrible loss of a younger brother. In an attempt to actually experience something beyondrepparttar 147616 painfully limiting framework ofrepparttar 147617 physical world, I made a couple of visits to a hypnotherapist who practiced past-life regression therapy.

Under hypnosis, I had an experience that I will never forget. I don’t know whether it was a dream, a memory from another life, or my soul expressing itself through images, but this is what happened:

Duringrepparttar 147618 session,repparttar 147619 therapist directed me to get in touch with “a memory from an earlier time”. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I saw myself as a young woman, Polynesian perhaps, with long dark hair. I was standing in front of a small white hut, tall green bamboo plants swaying gently on each side. I walked forward and enteredrepparttar 147620 hut. Inside I saw a simple room, a dirt floor and a long low wooden table. Cross-legged byrepparttar 147621 table sat a young man. As I entered, he looked up into my eyes and smiled at me.

What happened next is something that made an indelible impression on me.

As I saw his smile I felt a blinding, overwhelming love pass from him into me. The sensation was as strong as a physical blow. Without conscious thought, instantaneously, my entire being responded. I was flooded with a sensation of light, joy and oneness. I felt my heart – my whole essence - leap out of my body toward him.

The experience was dazzling.

I don’t think intimacy gets more intense than this,repparttar 147622 tangible, intense, overwhelming merging of two souls drawn to each other out of pure essential love.

Here’s my question: From where did this experience come? I was lying on a couch in a hypnotist’s office. Outside ofrepparttar 147623 silent therapist, nobody was there but me. In actual fact, at that moment of overwhelming love, unity and connection, I was, onrepparttar 147624 physical plane at least, entirely alone.

Whether or not this incident actually took place in some earlier life, at that moment this tangible joy, love and connection was coming solely from inside of me.

From where precisely did it come? Where was it hiding before this experience? And where did it go back to whenrepparttar 147625 session was over? How can a feeling so pure, bright and overwhelmingly real be here one moment, gonerepparttar 147626 next?

Many years ago, when a cousin of mine was four years old, she suddenly looked down at herself and exclaimed: “I’m all alone!” Her mother quickly reassured her: “Don’t worry, Sweetheart, I’m right here.”

My cousin’s response? “No, I mean in here! I’m all alone in here!”

That feeling of ‘all alone’ is something every one of us can relate to. Our bodies separate us from each other and from our Source inrepparttar 147627 unifying Oneness from which we come. But just beneathrepparttar 147628 surface there is a part of each of us that is never disconnected, never alone. This part is always present, but is concealed – often completely - behindrepparttar 147629 stories, struggles and concerns of our ego-based identities.

This ‘all alone’ isrepparttar 147630 profoundest of illusions. And it’s allrepparttar 147631 more profound because it feels so very real.

But this illusion is no accident. In order to allow forrepparttar 147632 existence of limitations, boundaries, separateness, polarity, conflict, and free choice (i.e. human existence) G-d performs a feat more challenging than any we can imagine. Likerepparttar 147633 hand withinrepparttar 147634 puppet, He hides Himself withinrepparttar 147635 fragmented details of Creation while atrepparttar 147636 same time remaining their activating force. Likerepparttar 147637 concealed hand does forrepparttar 147638 lifeless puppet,repparttar 147639 spark of G-d concealed within you makes you alive. The goal: to see throughrepparttar 147640 illusion and live in alignment withrepparttar 147641 truth.


Written by Shifra Hendrie


Sad, but true.

Some people never even try.

But those of us who do – and I assume that you are in that group – often experience great frustration and disappointment as we encounterrepparttar same limitations over and over again.

Life can start to seem downright repetitive.


Why is it that in most cases your life keeps looking like some variation of whatever you’ve experienced before?

The answer is: because you are creating something from something. You’re attempting to create a new and different future based onrepparttar 147613 limitations of your past.

Imagine that you are a potter and you have a piece of clay. You can study your craft and make pots that are smoother, sturdier, or more beautiful than before. But when all is said and done, they’re still just clay pots.

Who says you have to be a potter? And who says you can only make things out of clay?


There is a fundamental kabbalistic principle of Creation known as ‘yesh m’ayin’ – something from nothing.

This principle explains that G-d is bringingrepparttar 147614 entire world, including you, into existence from absolute nothingness at every moment.

G-d didn’t create this world once and withdraw back into Heaven, where He supervises from a distance and intervenes when appropriate. Rather, He is actively and intentionally speakingrepparttar 147615 world into existence from nothing inrepparttar 147616 present moment, again and again and again. In fact, if G-d would stop creating this world – with all of its myriad details – at any moment,repparttar 147617 world and everything in it would disappear as if it had never been.

Based on this, two things are clear:

1.The world has no existence outside of G-d. Everything we experience in life is part of G-d and His intention and purpose for Creation. 2.G-d desiresrepparttar 147618 world – and you – with an intense and personal desire. Everything you do has great meaning and significance to Him. That’s why He keeps on creating you.

Remember those old commercials where a little kid said something like: “I must be good because G-d made me, and G-d doesn’t make junk”?

Actually,repparttar 147619 truth is much more powerful than that. G-d doesn’t make anything or anyone without a profound purpose. He passionately desires you and just as passionately wants you to desire Him. And He is waiting - with bated breath - for you to embracerepparttar 147620 Divine purpose for which you have been created. To make your life, your relationships and your circumstances a “dwelling place” forrepparttar 147621 Divine.


G-d creates from Nothing because Nothingness, ayin, actually means absolute, infinite possibility. No limitations. No restrictions. None at all.

When you don’t need to be any particular something, you’re free to be anything. Kabbalah calls this infinite potential nothingness – not because there’s nothing there, but because there are absolutely no limitations that define or restrict this infinite possibility in any way.


As a human beings created inrepparttar 147622 image of G-d, you are also empowered to create something from nothing. And you do, allrepparttar 147623 time.

Unfortunately, most ofrepparttar 147624 time what we create from nothing arerepparttar 147625 stories about what we can’t do, aren’t capable of, will never have – together with allrepparttar 147626 reasons why.

These stories are continuously being recreated from nothing in each of our lives. But unlike G-d, who creates consciously, we create this reality unconsciously. It’s a sort of default programming. Yes, I understand that you have reasons for what you believe, but those reasons, while they may help to explain your past, do not haverepparttar 147627 power to limit your future. Unless you think they do, and act accordingly.

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