The Junk Heap That Heals

Written by Virginia Reeves

How many of you have heardrepparttar term emotional baggage? That'srepparttar 101859 negative notions and emotions we carry around with us. Some people try to justify it with statements of a dysfunctional family. Others blame poor schooling. Fate gets a bad name too. As I was going through one of my folders on self-esteem, I rediscovered an article published by Sunshine Magazine in September 1990. If I like an article, it gets clipped or copied and I actually have a good filing system for all sorts of topics. I've had a couple of issues in my life recently that I need to dump so this article caught my attention. The old saying of teaching what you most need to know is so true. Perhaps it will help you or someone you know. It was taken fromrepparttar 101860 Kleinknecht Gems of Thought Encyclopedia.

"Good, like truth, isrepparttar 101861 same yesterday, today, and forever.

In addition to doing a good deed, junk something every day. Junk your fears, junk your worries, junk your anxieties, junk your little jealousies, envies and hatred. Whatever interferes with your getting up and getting on inrepparttar 101862 world - junk it!

Every night before you go to sleep, put uponrepparttar 101863 junk heap all your disappointments, all your grudges, your revengeful feelings, your malice. Junk everything that is hindering you from becoming a big, strong, vibrant character.

The trouble with most of us is that we have no junk heap of this sort. We pull all our mental enemies, all our handicaps, our discouragements, our losses, our troubles and worries and trials along with us every day. That consumes more than 50 percent of our vitality and energy, so that we have onlyrepparttar 101864 smaller amount left forrepparttar 101865 great task of making our lives a success."



The second item I'm sharing are excerpts from an article written by Michael Angier who publishes The Success Digest e-zine and hostsrepparttar 101866 site named This material was inrepparttar 101867 August 7th, 2000 issue.

7 Ways to Get More Work Done

Written by Virginia Reeves


When you think aboutrepparttar times you achieved full concentration on any type of job, you will remember thatrepparttar 101858 work was easier, you were surprised at how much you accomplished, andrepparttar 101859 quality ofrepparttar 101860 work was high. The problem is how to achieve this level of concentration, and how to reach it on a regular basis. Here's some ideas you can use to more fully develop this trait.

1. The first is obvious - practice concentrating. The more it becomes a habit,repparttar 101861 less brain activity is necessary. Being able to focus becomes less difficult. Also, you will find that as you practice in different areas of your life, skills transfer from one task to another more easily.

2. Make a dull job more interesting by inventing challenges for yourself. Setting time or quality goals takes out some ofrepparttar 101862 drudgery. Consider rewarding yourself when you're done with it. Make itrepparttar 101863 first thing you do just to get it over with rather than dreading it all day.

3. If you think about how you would provide instruction to someone who had not donerepparttar 101864 task before you may just discover some interesting details inrepparttar 101865 job. Or, you might find time wasting elements you've inserted because you weren't paying enough attention to it. Even if it's something you don't like doing, realize that you are good at it and appreciate your abilities.

4. Develop a ritual that makes it easier to devote undivided attention torepparttar 101866 work ahead. Habitual behavior helps to calibraterepparttar 101867 mind to a state of concentration. Perhaps it's arranging your desk or tool area. Maybe it's organizing your to-do list. Or you may call upon an image that gives you strength and a feeling of being centered and ready to take on whatever comes your way that day.

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