The Joys of Address Labels

Written by Antigone Arthur

The Joys of Address Labels

Address labels are many things to many different people. If you are a huge fan of address labels, you aren't alone. If you are not a fan, you simply haven't yet realizedrepparttar many benefits address labels carry. Address labels are quite simply a quick and efficient tool for creating a more convenient life.

Most people use address labels to simplify mailing, to express their personality and to offer a unique hello to friends and family. Let's look at some ofrepparttar 145767 benefits of using address labels.

Why People Love Address Labels

You already know that address labels make you life easier. How do they do this? Did you knowrepparttar 145768 average person wastes hours and hours every year handwriting their return address on bills, holiday cards, letters and other mailings? Why not recapture your time by using preprinted return labels? Address labels also offer numerous benefits including:

  • You can easily customize them to express your individual preferences or personality.
  • If you own a business a customized return label looks much more professional than a handwritten one.
  • Customized labels are also more professional for sending out job applications and resumes, query letters and more.
  • Most address labels are cheap and inexpensive. You can get them for pennies onrepparttar 145769 dollar AND save loads of time inrepparttar 145770 process.
  • Most come in various styles, shapes, sizes and designs. You can select a label to meet almost every individual need.

If you want, you can even select a label for every different day ofrepparttar 145771 year! Some labels, especially different colored labels, allow you to do just about anything on any day.

Benefits of Holiday Labels

Holiday address labels are amongrepparttar 145772 most popular. Many people send lots of photos, cards and personal mailings or gifts duringrepparttar 145773 holidays. Using address labels will save you time and money when rushing to get these chores done. Most holiday address labels come with your name and address printed in a holiday motif. You can also get your favorite quote or scripture printed on your address label. What better way to bring inrepparttar 145774 New Year or new season than by using a customized label?

The Pro's And Con's Of Self-Publishing

Written by Annette Graf

The main challenge for today's writer is getting their book noticed by a publisher. There are several good writers inrepparttar field looking for book deals. I was one of those writers trying to get my book published and like so many others after receiving rejection letters, I decided to learn aboutrepparttar 145215 world of self-publishing.

Self-publishing can be rewarding in order to become a self-published author you have to have motivation andrepparttar 145216 will to succeed. How do you decide if you should self-publish your book or not? Ask yourselfrepparttar 145217 following questions:

1)Can you be a businessperson as well as a writer? Writing is a quiet occupation, while business demands proficient communication skills. 2)Are you motivated enough? You will need to see your book through from beginning to end, and this can be a lengthy process. 3)Are you willing to take a risk? You can't be afraid to takerepparttar 145218 plunge, you have to believe in yourself!

Tracy Lyn Moland,repparttar 145219 self-published author of Mom Management - Managing Mom Before Everybody else, states that when she started to write her book, she didn't realize self-publishing was even an option. Tracy Lyn discovered that a well-defined business and marketing plan had to be put into place. There were also different considerations to be made such as learning what market to target your book to, who to hire to design your book cover, layout and editing and how to getrepparttar 145220 book into bookstores and online. Tracy's favorite part of self-publishing has beenrepparttar 145221 control she was able to maintain over her book.

As a self-publisher you need to be aware of your personal marketing abilities, in order to get your book sold, you have to get out there and sell it. The advantages of publishing your own book can be plentiful.

By choosing to self-publish, you only have yourself to convince. You haverepparttar 145222 enthusiasm for a book that you have written, and you know that there is a market available for it. You don't have to give anyone elserepparttar 145223 final say of what you put in your book, how it is to be marketed or any thing else. You have complete and total control when you self-publish. Once you have successfully self-published your book you can always negotiate with a large publisher to produce your book since you have experience inrepparttar 145224 market.

Your book can be printed in just a few weeks instead of waiting for a large publisher, which usually takes over a year to print and get into bookstores. By that time you could be on your second printing. You can also get distribution for your book through and just as easily as any larger publisher can.

You have complete control over your project, right down torepparttar 145225 design, without having to deal with a third party. Asrepparttar 145226 sole owner of your material your have complete rights and can set your own price with all profits coming to you. If a large publishing house publishes your book you may only see 5%-15% of your book profits.

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